Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Why Pendalouan?

We’ve already experienced plenty of snow, freezing rain, school closings and cabin fever. What better time to start making plans for Summer Camp! Besides offering an escape from current circumstances, taking the time to think about where you want your child to be this summer can have some advantages.

The seasons will change and it will be June before anyone realizes it, so let's discuss some of the reasons why Pendalouan is the best Summer Camp for your child!

Activities and Type of Camp
Camp Pendalouan is a traditional YMCA Overnight Camp that allows campers to sign up for two activity classes that they will do all week (click here for a list of activities we offer). They also have a time in the afternoon where they can choose from a longer list of activities that change every day (we call it our Rendezvous Choice Time). For campers who want to spend an extended time in one of the major program areas (Horse Barn, Waterfront or Arts & Craft Lodge), we also provide Specialty Camp options.

The size of a camp has a big impact on the culture of a camp and your camper’s experience. Pendalouan has approximately 120 campers a week, which is on the smaller side compared to other West Michigan camps. Campers will be in activities with all age-ranges and genders. We find that this helps build a “We’re all in this together” culture. All camp activities include Capture the Flag, Talent Shows, the famous Pendalouan Square Dance, and other all camp games (for photos, click here). A focus on cabin community will provide the strongest relationships for your camper! Cabins typically have between 10-12 campers and always have two counselors to help them stay safe and have fun.

Focus & Culture
It is important to figure out the camp’s focus as you search for your child’s perfect Summer Camp. Campers can learn a lot during their time at Pendalouan - how to shoot a bow and arrow, how to cook a meal over an open fire and tons of songs. However, our real strength, focus and priority is creating friendships, making memories and personalized character building - all while having fun in the sun! Parents repeatedly tell us that it is the perfect balance! And if you are ever looking for more answers, give the camp office a call!

Values & Spirituality
Camps can range from very spiritually based to non-religious. At Pendalouan, we have daily chapels and nightly taps talks. Chapels focus on our core values of Respect, Honesty, Caring and Responsibility and our camp motto, “God First. Others  Second. I’m Third.” Although we are a Christian organization, we are very inclusive and host a number of campers from different or no faiths. Campers are not required to participate. We promote individual spiritual exploration. Once again, camp staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about what messages and activities are promoted at their individual camps.

Cost can be a major factor in deciding which summer camp to send your child.At Pendalouan, we do our best to not turn anyone away due to cost. We have a sibling discount, YMCA member discount and sometimes run promotions on our Facebook Page. Many families also take advantage of our generous “campership” program.
There are a lot of considerations to take into account when choosing a Summer Camp for your child. Hopefully this post gets you thinking on what is bound to be an exciting summer for your camper!

To see prices and available sessions, CLICK HERE!

We'll see you or your camper this summer on the shores of Big Blue Lake!

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Located on the shores of Big Blue Lake in Montague, MI, Camp Pendalouan is a fully licensed summer camp offering overnight & day camps, as well as outdoor education & conference programs. While at Pendalouan kids and families make friends, experience personal character development and learn new skills – all while creating lifelong memories and having fun in a safe environment with highly qualified and trained staff. You are a part of the Pendalouan family from the moment you step onto camp property. We invite you to learn more about Camp Pendalouan, by checking out our website, the Camp Blog and our Facebook page.

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