Monday, October 07, 2013

Pendalouan Day 2013: Who's Coming

As of today, over 100 Alumni and Friends have RSVP'd to Pendalouan Day 2013! This group of alumni consist of former counselors, campers, maintenance men, kitchen staff, neighbors, parents of campers, family campers, former Outdoor Education instructors, supporters and other friends! 

Here is who is coming as of Sunday:

Marilyn [Horsley] DeFord     (Chief Horsley's Daughter/1950s Staff Member)

Daryl & Marie Sieplinga (Former Summer Camp/Father-Son Camper, Summer Staff and Camp Director)
Don Potter      (1950 and 60s Camper)

Fred Beck and Family (1950s Staff Alumni)

Dan Parker      (Camper and Staff in 50s and 60s/Father Son Camper)

Bob Leder     (1950s Camper, 1960s Staff)
Randy Rogoski     (1960s Father-Son Camper/Summer Camper)
Douglas McKibben & Family     (1960s Camper)
Rob Klein     (1960s/70s Camper, 70s Staff Alum)
Jason Piasecki and Family      (Summer Campers, Father-Son Campers)

Alan Biczak and Family     (Longtime Father-Son Alum)

Troy Harwell       (70s Camper/80s Counselor)

Sally & Mike Segers     (Both Staff of 1986, Parent of Summer Camper)
Kimberly [Hamilton] Johnson & Family (Camper Alumni 1980s)
Lindsey [Rup] DeLuca    (Former Camper/Staff/Program Director of the 90s-2000s)
Jamal Larkins      (Staff 90s)
Ami Smith     (Staff 90s/Current Camper Parent)
Debbie [Shivlie] Menon      (Camper of the 90s and Staff 00s)
Jeff Mayberry & Family     (Camper and Staff of the 90s/2000s)
The Schaub Family     (Former Campers and Staff Alumni)
Paul Batt & Family    (Summer/Outdoor Ed Staff of the 2000s)
Arika Harkema     (Staff 2000s)
Kalin Franks      (Staff & Program Director 00s) 
Matt Sheick     (Summer Staff/Outdoor Ed Coordinator 00s)
Dom Paschal & Family    (90s/2000s Camper, Staff Alumni)
Leah Vosburg & Family     (Alumni Campers)
The Blain Family     (1970s Alum, Current Camper Family)
The Masko Family (Women's Adventure Weekend, Summer Camp Family)
The Marks Family     (Camper/Staff Alumni from the 90s & 2000s)
The Bailey Family     (Current Camper Family)
The Sundberg Family      (Current Camper Family)
The Billings-Carter Family     (Current Camper Family/Staff Alum)
The Grunow/Witt Family     (Current Camper Family)
The Bultema Family      (1980s Camper)
The Walter Family      (Current Camper Family)
The Hill Family     (OE Alum, Women's Adventure Weekend, Current Camper Family)
The Gonzales/Bertapelle Family (Alumni/ Current Camper Family)
The Rutkauskas/Moreno Family      (Former Camper 90s/Current Camper Family)
The Goodwin Family     (Current Summer Camp Family)
Celia Fuller      (Camper 00s)
Cedric Scott     (Y Board Member)
Bob Jakubowski     (Volunteer)
Will Ferriby     (Campers/Staff 00s)
Leah Jennings     (Camper/Staff 00s-2010s)
Nick Swanson     (Father-Son Camper, Staff 2010s)
Members of the Stearns Family
Members of the Muskegon Y's Club 
Bruce Spoelman, Executive Director
Lori Willson, Associate Executive Director
Dan Willson, Kitchen Manager

Mark Olson, Alumni & Development Director



We hope to see you THIS SATURDAY, October 12th from 10am-4pm for activities, camp tours, a complimentary lunch, and good times with fellow Pendalouan Alumni and Friends!

Questions? Contact Mark Olson, Alumni & Development Director at

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