Sunday, February 10, 2013

Activity Spotlight: Boating on Big Blue Lake!

One of Pendalouan's greatest assets is Beautiful Big Blue Lake. Bordered by Owasippe Scout Reservation and Camp Pioneer Trails, YMCA Camp Pendalouan has the unique benefit of only seeing pristine wilderness from our shores. You won't see any lake houses from our side of the lake!

Big Blue Lake is about 330 acres and Pendalouan gets to enjoy about 1/3 of it all to ourselves. We swim, hike and animal watch in and around it (fish, cranes and eagles are all over!). But hands down our most sought after activity on Big Blue is enjoying our fleet of boats!  Here are Camp Pendalouan's most popular boating options:

Can you canoe? Canoeing is one of the most popular activities that campers sign up for during their time at Pendalouan. It consistently attracts campers of all ages, genders and sizes! In addition, you can
always see a handful of canoes on Big Blue during AM and PM Open Waterfronts.


For our campers who are new to the water, funyaks are a great vessel to start with. These flatbottom, open face boats are pretty much untippable and help new boaters understand the mechanics of paddling. But these boats are great for boaters of all experience levels! They provide a FUN experience to those who aren't kayaking.

We do have a few kayaks for campers who are are more comfortable with boating. Kayaks are great for maneuvering around fast and making sharp turns. Often, because it can help get to every boating group fast and when needed, it is the boat of choice for our boating instructors!

Pendalouan has a small fleet of sail boats (two Sunfish and a Flying Scot) and every summer we have several staff who are eager to share the sailing experience with campers! Some of our campers love just coming along for the ride, while others like to take control and learn first-hand (with the support and guidance of a staff member, of course).

Cruisers were a new addition to the Pendalouan Fleet in 2012 and they were a big hit! These cruisers are part inner tube, part river raft, party kayak - but all fun! We are so excited to offer these again! Perhaps this year, we'll try to take them down the White River when we do river trips... Well see!

Last, but certainly not least are our rowboats! Rowboats are wonderful for fishing, small groups and peaceful trips around Big Blue Lake. Rowboating is starting to become a lost art, and campers have a lot of fun when they learn how to row!

Boating is a mainstay at YMCA Camp Pendalouan and always will be! As a camp in the business of providing new experiences to young people, we love having the opportunity to teach, coach and enjoy boating to and with our campers!

Although we boat in the spring and fall as well, boating on big blue is best in the summer when light splashes are cool and refreshing! We hope you can join us for a boat ride next time you make it out to the shores of Big Blue Lake!

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