Thursday, February 21, 2013

Save The Date: Camp Preview Days!

Announcing.... Our Summer Camp Preview Days!

This spring, YMCA Camp Pendouan will host not one, but TWO Summer Camp Preview Days! These fun-filled events are great ways to spend your Sunday afternoons. We'll have tours and selected activities (archery, canoeing, & our climbing wall) open for campers and families to enjoy, as well as staff on hand to answer any questions you may have about Summer Camp at Pendalouan.

Already signed up for Pendalouan Summer Camp? These days are perfect opportunities to bring your friends to camp and share why you're so excited about choosing Pendalouan.

We look forward to seeing you on April 21st and May 5th!

Hail Pendalouan!

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YMCA Camp Pendalouan is a fully accredited resident and day camp. While at Pendalouan, kids and teens make friends, create life long memories, and learn new skills all the while having fun in a safe environment. At Pendalouan, you are a part of a family and campers are led by highly qualified and trained staff. If you would like to learn more about Camp Pendalouan, check out our website, the Camp Blog and our Facebook page.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Activity Spotlight: Boating on Big Blue Lake!

One of Pendalouan's greatest assets is Beautiful Big Blue Lake. Bordered by Owasippe Scout Reservation and Camp Pioneer Trails, YMCA Camp Pendalouan has the unique benefit of only seeing pristine wilderness from our shores. You won't see any lake houses from our side of the lake!

Big Blue Lake is about 330 acres and Pendalouan gets to enjoy about 1/3 of it all to ourselves. We swim, hike and animal watch in and around it (fish, cranes and eagles are all over!). But hands down our most sought after activity on Big Blue is enjoying our fleet of boats!  Here are Camp Pendalouan's most popular boating options:

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Pendalouan's Summer Camp Counselors

At Pendalouan, we know how important it is to have a qualified, capable, safe and fun staff. Our camp counselors are at the heart of the summer camp experience, making sure our campers have life-changing experiences, while providing a nurturing and safe environment.

We are currently hiring staff for Summer 2013 and we are on the lookout for safety-minded young people who are eager to promote individual character development in our campers in a fun, engaging way.

In about 4 months, the Summer 2013 staff will gather here on the shores of Big Blue Lake for a week of Staff Orientation, where they will receive extensive training in child safety, youth development, and activity instruction. One of the first things we'll do is share this short essay with them. This decades-old letter is used in staff trainings throughout the country to help frame the role of counselors and to get them excited for the summer ahead.

In the next two months, we'll start introducing the Summer 2013 staff right here on the camp blog. But before then, get a taste of what being a camp counselor is like by reading the still-relevant essay below. It will help portray what we look for and expect of our staff; to be caring, responsible young adults who are ready and eager to make a positive impact in the lives of their campers. Enjoy.