Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pendalouan's Winter Activities

In the first few decades of our history, YMCA Camp Pendalouan was a one-season facility. Every year, camp would be "woken up" in the late spring and then "shut down" in the late summer. Summer Camp was all we did.

While Summer Camp is still our focus here at Pendalouan, we are very much a four-season camp! The majority of our campers and guests don't make it out to camp in the winter months, so we thought we'd share some of the winter activities that we do when camp is full of snow!

Have you ever played broomball? It's one of our favorite winter games here at Pendalouan. If the ice on Big Blue Lake is thick enough, we'll play on there (see pic below). If the ice is not thick enough, we'll clear off a space on our basketball court or in the sandlot and play there. No matter what, there is a lot of sliding around and a lot of fun!

Cross-Country Skiing
Many of our campers and guests have never tried cross-country skiing before coming to Camp Pendalouan. But you should see the faces of our campers and guests when they try it for the first time! After finding their balance, first time Pendalouan skiers are laughing, gliding and having a blast on our ski trail.

Sleepy Hollow Hike
Now the Sleepy Hollow Hike is by no means just a winter activity, but it really is a truly different experience in the winter months. Many of the trees that keep the hollow shady and cool in the summer have lost their leaves. The snow covered ground makes the ancient trees appear taller. Animal tracks are everywhere! If you have never seen Sleepy Hollow in the winter, you should consider making a trip out to camp during the snowy months. It's a sight to see!

For more pictures of Sleepy Hollow in the winter, see our Camp in the Winter Facebook Album.

The Toboggan Run
There is nothing quite like the Pendalouan Toboggan Run! Campers love grabbing a sled and zooming down our vintage wood toboggan run. We always make sure that kids are properly supervised when on this awesome winter activity!

Winter at Camp Pendalouan is truly a unique experience! Book your group, retreat, meeting or stop by today!

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