Sunday, December 09, 2012

Top 10 "Camp-y" Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season is upon us! Do you have all of your shopping done?

If not, Pendalouan has compiled the Top 10 "Camp-y" Holiday Gift Ideas to help you out! While most of these gifts are more appropriate for current campers, we are sure that several alumni and camp friends could use and enjoy a few of these items! Either way, here is a lit of ideas that will surely have the recipients thinking "CAMP" this winter!

1. Fishing Pole - Fishing has always been a part of Pendalouan's history, as evidenced in this picture from Father Son Camp taken in the 1950s. But this past summer, fishing was one of our most popular activities! In addition to offering Fishing as a class, we also had several staff members who were experienced fishermen, which made Summer 2012 a great year for fishing at Pendalouan. You can get a basic fishing pole for cheap at your local outdoor or big box store!

2. Headlamp - First there were torches, then there were lanterns, then there were flashlights. Now there are headlamps! Frequently used by miners and scientists, this light source allows your hands to be freed up while still providing light for your camper at night! They are fairly inexpensive, super helpful, and a perfect gift for the camper, counselor, or explorer in your family!

3. Pendy Gear - Who WOULDN'T want to receive a Pendalouan Sweatshirt, T-Shirt or Long-Sleeve T for the holidays! We have several sizes, designs, and colors available. Contact Melody, our Office Manager for availability at (231) 894-4538.

4. Journal - Many of our campers come to Pendalouan with something to journal in. Some use journals to reflect on their time and experience at camp, others use pen and paper to write letters to family and friends. They may use it during Rest Hour, during Open Waterfront or maybe right before bed. No matter how your child uses a notebook while at camp, it's never too early to purchase a special one, just for Camp! Here's a style that might be perfect for camp! 

5. Riding Boots - This is an idea for the Ropers and Wranglers camper in the household! Instead of retiring your camper's gym shoes after their week up at the Pendalouan Ranch, invest in a pair of boots that will last for several years! Here's a site with not just boots, but other equestrian accessories too

6. Camp Books - Last year, we devoted a whole blogpost to camp books. Check it out for different camp books split by age (from younger kids to adult books)!

7. Camera - While we still sell disposable cameras in the Trading Post here at Pendalouan, more and more of our campers are coming to camp with cameras of their own. This may or may or may not be an appropriate gift for your camper. Some campers are old enough and responsible enough that this gift may be just the thing to spark a life long passion for photography. For a good article with resources to see if getting your child a camera is right for your family and what to look for if it is, click here.

8. Sunglasses - Pendy Shades were a HUGE HIT this past summer and we still have some available in the Trading Post. But, really, any pair of sunglasses will do. These are crucial for those bright summer days on the Sports Field and down at the Waterfront at Pendalouan! Contact Melody, our Office Manager for availability at (231) 894-4538. 

9. New Sleeping Bag - Nothing is worse than an old, worn out sleeping bag. In the summer, even when it's hot out and you're in a cabin, a good sleeping bag can make a BIG difference in a camper's comfort. Need help with picking out a sleeping bag for yourself or your camper? Click here for a nice guide on the different types of sleeping bag.

10. Swim Goggles - Big Blue Lake is hands down the best lake in the world to swim in. Why not provide some new swim goggles to your camper so that they can explore it from underwater? There are several different types of goggles so no matter what the ability or age of your swimmer, there are goggles out there for them!

Honorable Mentions
11. Shower Bucket with Travel Size Toiletries
12. A Blank Pillow Case and Sharpies for your camper's camp friends to sign.

So there it is, Pendalouan's Top 10 "Camp-y" Holiday Gift Ideas. Can you think of any other items that would fit under this category? If so, share in the comments or on our Facebook page!


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Dom said...

Camera is a great one. I've always loved photography, but I really got into it with my good friend Matt (fellow counselor). We actually developed a lifelong friendship through our love for photography and camp/campy things. My advice if you are planning on buying a child a first time camera is to get one that has a non retracting/extending lens on it. If they bring it to camp and it gets dirt or dust particles in it, its done for.