Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Who Is Coming: Pendalouan Day 2012!

Pendalouan Day is only 3 days away!

As of today, over 60 Alumni and Friends have RSVP'd to Pendalouan Day 2012! This group of alumni consist of former counselors, campers, maintenance men, kitchen staff, neighbors, parents of campers, family campers, former Outdoor Education instructors and general supporters and friends! 

Here are some of those 60 Alumni & Friends:

Dave Sieplinga      (Former Summer Staff and Waterfront Director - 1960s)
Don Potter      (1950 and 60s Camper)
Rob Andrews      (Camper from 70s and 80s)
Bob Andrews      (Camper 1940s, Staff 1960s)
Tim Andrews      (Staff 1960s)
Dan Parker      (Camper and Staff in 50s and 60s)
Judy Evans      (Camp Emery Alum) and Family (Sons are Alumni)
Hilary [Julien] Fisher      (Camper 1990s, Staff and Program Director in 90s and 00s)
Jason Piasecki and Family      (Summer Campers, Father-Son Campers)
Holly Hughes      (Friend and Neighbor)
The Weekley/Lasser Family      (Neighbors, Friends, Outdoor Education Alumni)
The Rostar Family      (Neighbors)
Nicole Wright      (OE Staff Alum)
Carol Denke and Family      (Mom and Kids Campers, Friend)
Julie Raynor       (Summer Staff 1990, Friend, Parent of Campers)
Lisa [Ash] Beimers       (Staff in 90s and 00) and Family
The Walter Family      (Current Camper and Parent, Volunteer)
Kalin Franks      (Staff & Program Director 00s) 
The Wemple Family
The Varso Family
Ken Wyman Sr. (Friend, Father Son Camper, Carver of New Totem Pole)
Summer Staff from the last few Summers
Bruce Spoelman, Executive Director
Mark Olson, Alumni & Development Director

And it's not too late to RSVP!

We hope to see you THIS SATURDAY, October 6th from 10am-4pm for activities, camp tours, a complimentary lunch, and good times with fellow Pendalouan Alumni and Friends!

Questions? Contact Mark Olson, Alumni Director at

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