Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When You Wish Upon A Star...

Every year at about this time, we are asked to compile our Annual Wish List for the community. We’re always in need of good quality equipment, supplies and materials for Camp. Although almost any gift would be welcome, below you will find a list of our current needs. We are putting this list out on the blog so that maybe if YOU have one of these items, you can help us out!

Left: One of our old backboards, in need of repair (2011)
Right: The Papes/Adama Family in front of a wish-turned-reality,
one of our new basketball backboard!

Last year, the Adama/Papes Families saw our list and decided to work together to provide Camp with two new backboards as a way to give to others as a family during the Holiday season. The result was a tangible difference at Pendalouan that will be enjoyed by campers for years to come!

If you're able to help camp acquire anything on the Wish List, please email Mark Olson, Alumni & Development Director or contact us at the office at (231) 894-4538. We've already heard rumors of a gorilla suit being donated after this year's Halloween Season...

Without further ado,

Camp Pendalouan's 2012-2013 Wish List

Under $50

Wooden canoe paddles, any size, whole or broken (we use for staff signatures)
Waterproof tarps, any size
Giftcards to Sam’s club, Gordon Food Service, Best Buy, Staples, Meijer
Adult size costumes (e.g. Gorilla Suit)
Hand tools
Office supplies
Skateboard helmets (we use them for mt. biking)

Under $500
Portable shade structures & tents
Push Lawnmower
Vacuum cleaners
Ping Pong Table
Garden carts/wheel barrows

Under $5,000
Industrial floor scrubber
Industrial washer and dryer
Wood splitter
4wd Utility Vehicle aka Mule or Gator


Any Pendalouan relics such as: Handbooks, Staff or camper autographed plaques and canoe paddles Copies of photos with names, brochures, movies, slides, emblems

7-passenger (or more) minivan
Pickup truck

Facility Projects Needing Funding
Pedal boats (Heavy duty) - $3,000 each
Luggage/Welcome pavilion - $8,000
Erosion control fences - $2.50 per foot
Deck for Pawnee cabin - $5,000

Staff dormitory/Multi-purpose building - $80,000 
New Trail lights (low light pollution so we can see the stars) - $200 each 
Replace climbing wall and zipline - $75,000 each 
Hydapipe showers - $450.00 each
CIT area cabin/housing
Ropers and Wranglers Cabin
Cabin replacement/renovation - ~$60,000

Items donated, as well as the cash to purchase them, are likely to be tax deductible.

Let us know if you are interested in help camp acquire any of these items, please email Mark Olson, Alumni Development Director or contact us at the office at (231) 894-4538.


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