Thursday, October 18, 2012

So... What Exactly Happens at Pendy During the Non-Summer Months?

We've been asked this question a lot by several alumni, families, and community members: What is happening at Pendalouan when it is not summer?

The answer is... A WHOLE LOT! A lot is happening at Pendalouan during the non-summer months! Summer is definitely our focal point of the year, but we do quite a bit during the school year that is important work on its own and a great deal to prepare for the next summer. Read on to get a better understanding of what we do during the school year!

Outdoor Education
Our biggest program during the school year is a our Outdoor Education (OE) Program. Starting in September and going all the way to the beginning of June, our OE program brings schools out to camp to learn about a variety of topics in a unique setting. Teachers bring out their classes for day trips, or multi-day overnights. Throughout the day, we offer activities such as team building, our high ropes course, Michigan history (pioneer, lumber & Native American), science education, outdoor living skills, and more! Throughout the year, our Outdoor Education program serves about 5,000 students from over 50 local and regional schools! Talk about an awesome field trip! If you would like to learn more, check out our website.

Seasonal Events/Camps
We also have several seasonal events that take planning and preparation. Some of our major ones are Women's Adventure Weekend, Pendalouan Day, Halloween Camp, Spring Break Escape Day Camp, and our Summer Camp Preview Days. Halloween Camp is our next seasonal event, click here for more information. In addition, several local businesses, organizations, clubs and groups have everything from weddings to company picnics to weekend retreats out here at Camp! We also typically have a Camp Clean Up Work Day in the spring!

Preparing for Summer Camp
We also spend the entire 9 months of Fall, Winter and Spring planning and getting ready for Summer. Would you believe it? Within a month after Summer Camp at Pendalouan is over, our senior leadership team meets to thoroughly go over the previous summer and start planning for the next one! Some of the things we do to prepare include: heading to Camp Conferences, hiring new staff, spreading the word about Summer Camp, making improvements to our schedule, finding new games and activities, and raising money for Camperships.

As you can see, Summer Camp is busy in the the non-summer months as well! We hope that you'll join us throughout the school year at one of our several events and then also again in Summer 2013!

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