Wednesday, June 06, 2012

In Four Days... The Summer 2012 Staff Arrive!

Our Spring Outdoor Education season is wrapping up and in FOUR days, the 2012 Summer Staff you’ve met all Spring here on the camp blog will turn off of Fruitvale Rd into Camp property, gather on Beautiful Big Blue Lake, and begin our Staff Training. Some of the staff are already up here working with our last school groups, advancing towards their lifeguard certification, or getting trained in CPR/First Aid. 

Pendalouan’s Staff Training is an intense experience. There is a lot to learn and much to be done during the week's span. We work hard to make sure our staff receive child development/psychology training, activity training, safety policies and procedures and more. We do, however, make sure that it is done in an enjoyable and meaningful way. After our week of training and orientation, excited children pour into camp and Session One begins, officially kicking off Summer 2012!

A Selection of Sessions/Activities during Staff Training 2012:
Sunday Staff Meeting (2011)
  • Supervision and Child Safety
  • "What Makes A Perfect Counselor?"
  • Parent Panel
  • Age Characteristics of Kids
  • "How To Prevent Homesickness"
  • Gender Specific Issues
  • "Making Ordinary Moments Extraordinary"
  • "How To Build Cabin Unity during Cabin Activity Time"
Throughout the summer, please check back and look for periodic updates about how camp is going. Future blogpost topics include: Our Mom and Kids Camp, Family Camp, Father Son Camp, a post or two on what's happening during each session, and other promotional news and updates! We’ll of course include pictures too! If you have something you want to see or hear about, let us know by posting on our Facebook wall!


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