Thursday, May 17, 2012

What's New for Summer 2012 (Plus 3 New Staff!)

This Summer, we have a ton of new stuff here at YMCA Camp Pendalouan! But first a few updates on our registrations for Summer 2012!

Session 1 - Two openings for girls; 75% FILLED for boys
Session 2 - Reopened for boys; WAITING LIST ONLY for girls
Bugs 'N Bunks Session 1 - WAITING LIST ONLY for girls; One opening for boys
Roper & Wranglers Specialty Camp - Session 1 - WAITING LIST ONLY
Roper & Wranglers Specialty Camp - Session 2 - WAITING LIST ONLY   
Roper & Wranglers Specialty Camp - Sessions 4 & 6  - 90% FILLED

Summer Camp is filling up quickly! If you still need convincing, take two minutes and watch our new YouTube Video. Don't miss out! Sign up online today!


  • Slingshots - That's right, slingshots! Right next to Archery, you'll see a brand new range specifically designed for sling shots! Under supervision from trained staff and with protective equipment, campers will be able to shoot at unconventional targets like hubcaps, pots and pans, and watering jugs. This activity is a great compliment to our other target sports using bb guns, air rifles, and bows.

  • New Archery Equipment - speaking of archery, look for some significant improvements to one of our most popular activities! Some of the things to watch for will be 6 new compound bows to supplement our recurved fiberglass bows, and... oh wait. We're getting ahead of ourselves. More exciting information will be revealed soon.

  • A Great New Way to Start Each Morning at Day Camp - Our new Day Camp Director Amiee is coming up with all sorts of new ideas to make Camp Pendalouan Day Camp the best day camp in all of West Michigan! As a veteran resident counselor, she is bringing successful resident (overnight) programming success to Day Camp activities. One way is through a "Thought of The Day" at Day Camp's Morning Gathering. This would mimic Overnight Camp's Chapel skits (which are performed by a different cabin each day - usually about one of our Four Core Values or The Camp Motto) and will be a great addition to Day Camp!

  • New Games and Activities - Our Director of Fun, Mark has been busy planing several new All Camp Games for Summer 2012! Don't worry, Capture the Flag is NOT going anywhere! But we will be having several new and exciting All Camp Games this summer!

Those are just a FEW of the exciting new developments that Summer Camp at YMCA Camp Pendalouan will experience in 2012. Stay tuned for more announcements, updates, and sneak-previews (as well as more information on our Archery Program Updates).


But now let's meet some new staff! Today, we'll be introducing DeShawn, Margaret, and Justin! Three new Pendalouan Staff members!

Hi my name is DeShawn and this will be my first year at Camp Pendalouan. I am really excited about getting to Big Blue Lake and enjoying the summer with everyone. I love being outside and being active. I am entering my sophomore year at Central Michigan University majoring in Psychology and Sociology. See you all on the shores of Big Blue Lake soon!!!

Hi everyone! My name is Margaret and I am BEYOND excited to be spending my summer up at Pendalouan!!! This will be my first year as a counselor and I can't wait to be back on Big Blue Lake, singing songs and playing four square! As of June, I will be graduating from Grandville High School and moving on to college. When I am not at camp or at school, I enjoy reading, painting and being outside!!! This summer is going to be great!

Hey everyone! My name is Justin and I am coming from Madison, WI. This is going to be my first summer at camp and I am SUPER PUMPED!!! I can not tell you how excited I am to become a part of camp. I am currently finishing up my freshman year of college at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse were I am majoring in Recreation Management. I can't wait to share great experiences with you, sing songs, play guitar, and have A LOT of fun this summer. See you soon!!!

DeShawn, Margaret and Justin are going to be great additions to Camp Pendalouan's Summer 2012 Staff! Parents, make sure your child is able to experience all the fun and character-building that these counselors and all the other staff will provide. Sign up for Summer Camp today; before more sessions fill! Call us if you have any questions at (231) 894-4538. 

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