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Tips to Parents from Former Counselors (and the last Summer Staff Bios! !

We recently asked a few of our alumni staff for any tips for new parents! Here are some of our favorites!

Make sure your kid is ready for camp, as in, ready to miss home a little bit. A good convo to have before camp. Be ready for clothes to come back absolutely filthy. Plan to stay as short as possible at drop off - get the goodbyes out of the way on Fruitvale Road or something. Flashlights aren't as important as a good water bottle. Books are a welcome addition to the suitcase. A kid with a deck of cards will instantly be the most popular kid in the cabin. - Matthew Abel (04-08)

On the first day, talk to your child's counselor. Pull them aside if you need, and tell us anything that would be useful to know. We're taking care of your kids for the next week, and any advice is really helpful. This can be anything from medical information to learning that Johnny really likes to paint. Plus, you'll feel better knowing we're prepared. - Will Ferriby (Summer Staff 07-10, 12)

If you care about having your child bring every piece of clothing back from camp, label all of your children's clothes (even socks)! Even with Cabin Clean-Up every day, things can get messy during changing period and campers may accidentally put something of their cabinmates' in their suitcase or bag when cleaning up their belongings. - Mark Olson (Summer Staff 06-12)

Enjoy your week! :) - Matt Sheick (Summer Staff 06-07)

Thanks for the tips, guys! If any other former counselors or veteran camp parents have tips, feel free to post them in the comments!

And now it is time to meet the LAST of the 2012 Summer Staff! We've been introducing them all spring here on the blog (if you missed any you can click here) and now, with less than two weeks until Staff Training beginning, we conclude this series on the blog. Hope you have enjoyed meeting the Summer 2012 Staff! Here's Matt, Georgia, Kerri and Gretchen!

First of all, my name is Matt, but I go by Matt, Matthew, or Smoothie. It's my first time working at Pendalouan and I'm extremely stoked! I love meeting new people that are engaging, exciting, and interesting, or a combination of all three. I'm a pretty positive guy myself probably because I really love God, and with such an incredible gift of grace in my life, it's hard not to be happy. I like to be loud, I also like to say funny things, or what I hope are funny things! I think that nature is amazing... I don't know much about it, but I do like to look at it. My mom and dad met each other working at a YMCA camp and so camp has always been something I have been around. Someone once told me a great principle that I try and live my life by. He said, "Is someone better for having interacted with you?" I think that's an amazing way to operate and so I try in keep that in mind when I am going about my daily life.

Hey there! I'm Georgia and this will be my fifth summer being a part the Pendalouan family, but first year being a counselor! I currently am in my junior year of high school at Lyons Township, and I am counting the down the days until summer break and of course camp! I am so excited for the sandbar, singing camp songs, and playing capture the flag. Outside of camp I enjoy listening to music, photography, and exploring the outdoors. I know for a fact this is going to be an amazing summer and I cannot wait for it to begin!

Hello all! My name’s Kerri, and I’m from the tiny town of Ravenna. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Pendalouan as a camper, so I’m excited to get to camp see what’s changed, and what’s stayed the same. I’m studying psychology at Central Michigan University, where I’ve just finished my first year, but in my free time I enjoy soccer, drawing, and reading. I look forward to meeting everyone!

Hey everyone!! My name is Gretchen. This will be my third summer on staff, and I am literally counting down the days until I can be back on the shores of beautiful Big Blue Lake! I am a soon-to-be-sophomore at Northern Michigan University all the way up in Marquette. When I'm not studying, you can often find me outside, exploring, hiking, and just enjoying the beautiful setting with my friends. I love to try new things and meet new people which is why I'm so excited to meet everyone that is new to camp! I am looking forward to cooking s'mores, playing CTF, singing all my favorite camp songs (country roads anyone??), and just enjoying all things "camp." Hope to see you all soon!!!

Remember, if you'd like to look at past posts that have Summer 2012 Staff bios, all you have to do is click here! Parents, make sure your child is able to experience all the fun and character-building that these counselors and all the other staff will provide. Sign up for Summer Camp today; before more sessions fill! Call us if you have any questions at (231) 894-4538. 

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