Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Surf the Web & Get Money for Camp!

Want to help Pendalouan make camp improvements by just surfing the web? Well, now you can!

YMCA Camp Pendalouan has just signed up for a free service that will donate 1 penny to Pendalouan everytime you search for anything on the web!

All you have to do is use GOODSEARCH.COM as your primary search engine!

The search engine is powered by Yahoo and no registration is required (however, if you'd like to provide that information to them, you may). All you have to do is head to and designate YMCA Camp Pendalouan as your Charity/Organization of choice!

Think about it this way:

 If we get 30 supporters to sign up and do 10 searches a day for a whole year, Pendalouan will receive over $1,000 for camp improvements!

30 people x 10 searches x
$0.01 a search x 7 days a week x 52 weeks in a year =

The money will go to everything from new 4Square Balls to Camp Scholarships to capital projects.  We hope you designate us as your primary search engine today!

Want more information? Check out this short video on how it works! If you have any questions, contact Mark Olson, Alumni & Development Coordinator at

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