Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Hail Pendalouan!" and 3 More Staff Bios!

Have you ever heard of the song "Hail Pendalouan?" If you have only been a part of the Camp Pendalouan family for the last few decades, you may not be familiar with the song!

For decades, this song was a big part of Pendalouan culture... and then some time in the past few decades, the song faded out of Pendalouan history.

But that changes today! After a valiant attempt at bringing the song back in the Summers of 2008 and 2009, the song again fell out of tradition. This summer at Pendalouan, however, we are making a conscious effort to bring the loyalty song back into Pendalouan tradition and culture!

Here is what we are going to do:
  1. Every morning, we will raise our nation's flag and say the pledge of allegiance, as we always have.
  2. THIS PART IS NEW: Shortly after, we will then sing the song as we raise the newly made HAIL PENDALOUAN flag on our smaller flagpole.
  3. Then we will sing to Mr. ZipZip and head to breakfast!
Bruce Spoelman, Executive Director, showing off our new flag

Here are the words to the song:

Hail, Pendalouan! Hail, Pendalouan!
The pride of every camper here!
Come on you young cubs, join with us old dubs
For Pendalouan now we cheer - Rah! Rah!
Now is the time gang, to make a big bang*
No matter what the people say
So let us all be heard to say I’M THIRD
Hail, Pendalouan, Hail!

*Nick Meier, a camper/staff in the 50s and 60, recently posted on our Facebook page that the words used to be (when Pendalouan was still all boys) "Now is the time boys, to make a big noise"
If you don't know the tune, you'll have to either make you way to camp for a visit, or ask a 2012 (or earlier) Camper or Staff Member. We are excited to bring back this great Pendalouan tradition!

Now let's meet three more staff who are going to be expert "Hail Pendalouan" song instructors this summer... Kayla, Jose, and Henry!

Hey Everyone! My name is Kayla and I am an intern for Camp Pendalouan this summer! I will be graduating from Central Michigan University this December with a Recreation, Parks and Leisure Degree with a Minor in Biology. I am so excited to get out of the classroom and get outside! I absolutely love to be outside! I love to bird watch, bike ride and just explore! I can't wait to dive into camp and make some new friends.

Hey everyone. My name is Jose and I am from Muskegon, MI. I have recently finished my first year at Grand Valley State University where I am studying to be an art teacher! Art is cool! :) Speaking of art, you will probably be seeing me around the craft shack a lot as I am a big fan of arts and crafts and love to make bracelets and other crafty things. This will be my third summer at Camp Pendalouan and second summer as a counselor. I can't wait for camp to start because it is going to be awesome! See you all soon!

Hey! I’m Henry and I live in FRANCE!!!! This will be my 5th year at Camp Pendy, but my first as a counselor! I'm so exited!!! When I’m home, I love to play tennis, just chill, or FLY (to follow my dream of becoming a pilot)! Being from France, I can speak French, English (obviously!), and I’m learning German. I can’t wait to meet all you amazing people beside Big Blue Lake! Because this summer will be AWESOME!

Kayla, Jose and Henry are gearing up for Summer! With less than 3 weeks until Staff Training, they are getting super excited! (and so are we!) Parents, make sure your child is able to experience all the fun and character-building that these counselors and all the other staff will provide. Sign up for Summer Camp today; before more sessions fill! Call us if you have any questions at (231) 894-4538. 

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Nick Meier said...

Don't forget the Camp's Alma Mater, often sung immediately after the Camp song:

Let its purpose
Ring throughout the land
Bring the highest; bring the finest,
To our loyal band