Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wrapping Up National Volunteer Week!

This past week was National Volunteer Week! Pendalouan had several volunteer-focused events, activities and announcements to celebrate. Here are some highlights from the week!

Spring Volunteer Work Day

This past Sunday, in the perfectly timed 5 hour block of sun between two rain storms, a group of about 20 Alumni, Campers, Friends & Staff of Pendalouan got together to work on a few major projects around Camp! Volunteers helped organize Eddie Boersema's Photos that he left to us, removed the tile from the classroom, raked leaf piles away from the retaining walls on the plateau in between Nikana Lodge and East Moon, and gave Great Bear some much needed attention with rakes and new sand!

The event was a huge success! As Bruce Spoelman, Executive Director said during the mid-afternoon refreshment break, "We are not yet done with our work today, but even if we were to stop right now, we would be in a better place than if we had not all been out working here today!" These projects were all important initiatives that accomplished a lot. Several of these projects were especially timely, because they help prepare camp for the coming months.

All three of the physical labor projects were started and completed during the workday and the Eddie Boersema Photo Organization Project is an ongoing endeavor and reached it's next stage (a lot of scanning!).

A special thanks to all who made it out to help us on these important projects and who made all this work possible!

Craig & Jessa Lytle, Gwen Glatz, Jack Sheridan, Dorothy Cooley, Liz Taylor, Eric Veurink, Mark Olson, Chuck Jarasek, Andrea & Kameron Walter, Deb Brauer, Bruce Spoelman, Dan Willson, Matthew & Zach & Lucy Abel, Tracy Lynn Bednarick, Eric Brenner, Ron Leatherman and Cat Neal.

Click Here For More Pictures & Here To Get Your Name on a Volunteer Opportunity Notification List

New Volunteer Opportunities

We had such a great showing at our Spring Volunteer Work Day last Sunday and we've had so many people asking about volunteering that we created a form on our website for those interested in volunteering for/at Pendalouan. Click here to see all of the opportunities! There is something for everyone and filling out the form does not commit you to anything!

There is always work to do! Luckily, Pendalouan is blessed with a great group of individuals and families who care about Pendalouan and support it with their time and energy! Thanks again to all who volunteered this past weekend and all of those individuals and families who volunteer throughout the year! Camp can't thrive without you! If you have any questions about volunteering, feel free to give us a call at camp at (231) 894-4538 or send us an email at

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