Thursday, January 05, 2012

Pendalouan Traditions: Camp Songs!

We are starting a new series on Pendalouan Traditions! This is the first post about Camp Songs! Future posts will be about ceremonies, rituals, the camp motto, and more! Enjoy!

Camp wouldn't be camp without songs! Singing has been an integral part of camping since in start in the mid-to-late 1800s and, while the nature of the songs has changed with the times, the central place that singing has at camp is still alive and well today in 2012!

Here at YMCA Camp Pendalouan, we sing all day long. We sing in the early morning before breakfast, we sing at Chapel, we sing after meals, we sing at campfires, and we sing at night before bed. We love singing! On Thursday Nights in the summer, we even have a SONGFEST on Thursday evenings before Closing Campfire!

What do we sing? It depends on the time of day.

In the morning, after flag raising, we make our way to the beach and sing "Good Morning Mr. Zip Zip" across the lake to Mr. Zip Zip - the retired postman who lives on the other side of Big Blue Lake. Sometimes he even comes out in his red longjohns and waves hello!

On Cookout Day/ Extended Cabin Activity Night, we sing our TAPS songs before Dinner.

Then we have our hundreds of fun and entertaining "Camp" songs like "3 Blind Jellyfish," "My Dog Lima," "The Princess Pat," "An Austrian Went Yodeling," and "Boom Chicca Boom" which we sing when we have down time, at our Opening Campfire and Songfest, and after meals.

At night, right after snack and right before flag lowering, we have our TAPS time, which is when we gather as a camp on the steps of the lodge or at Wildwood Chapel and sing slower songs like "One Tin Solider," "Blowin in the Wind," or "Country Roads."

And then we have our Camp Song Mainstays: "Hail Pendalouan," "On The Loose," and "I Was Pendalouan Born" (this one is only two years old!). These songs reportedly are the songs that really connect campers and alums emotionally with Pendalouan.

Singing has always been and always will be a part of the Pendalouan Camp experience. When campers come home from summer camp, often the first thing they want to do is share their favorite camp songs with their parents. When alumni from decades out come back to camp, they still remember the songs they sang on the shores of Big Blue Lake.

What is YOUR favorite camp song? We'd love to hear!

Singing "One Tin Solider" before heading down to the Sandlot to lower the flag.

With only 163 days till Summer 2012, we're going to keep singing our camp songs, prepping for what is bound to be the best summer yet. We hope you join us in song!

This post is the first of a series on camp traditions. Be on the lookout for more posts in the coming months on other camp traditions! If you have any questions about our Summer Camp Programs or would like to register, call our office at (231) 894-4538.


Nikki said...

Mmm Mmm I want to Linger

Live the Moment said...

I agree with her ^. Definitely one of my favorites. But I love all of my Camp songs!

Marikje said...

My daughter came home last summer with "Baby"

Anonymous said...

On the Loose, of course! -Meredith

Jenn said...

When I was a camper in 88-89 there was a red-haired counseler names Chris who would sing "The Cat Came Back" with us. To this day, I know every word. Oh, and "I'm a Nut"!!!

Alexandra said...

Right now I have the Zulu King stuck inside my head!