Thursday, April 28, 2011

Out of State Staff!

Earlier this week, we met Lila and Hannah, two staff members hailing from outside of Michigan. Continuing the trend, today we are going to introduce two more out-of-towners, Sydney and Eli!

Hey everyone! My name is Sydney and I will graduate from college in Minnesota this June. This will be my first summer at Camp Pendy - I have been hearing about it for the past four years from other counselors and I'm super pumped to FINALLY experience the magic! I have never been to Michigan and I'm excited to not only be living on a lake all summer long (my home state of New Mexico doesn't really have lakes), but also to be spending it with such a fantastic group of counselors and campers!

Hi everyone! My name is Eli, and I recently graduated from West Virginia State University. This will be my second summer at Pendalouan, and I can hardly wait. I love the outdoors, reading, watching old movies, and making new friends. I'm a people person, and its hard to find better people than the ones you meet on the shores of Big Blue Lake. Hope to see you there!

Sydney and Eli are just two of the numerous amazing staff we have coming from outside the state of Michigan. But we also have a ton of staff members from The Great Lakes State! Stay tuned next week, when we introduce a few of those! Have a fun and safe weekend. And we hope to see you at the Open House on Sunday!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Open House (THIS SUNDAY!) and More Staff!

Itching to get back to Pendalouan?
Can't wait for summer?
Need to see Big Blue Lake, the Council Ring of the Great Bear, the Sandlot, or Nikana Lodge at least once more before Summer starts?!?!

Well guess what?
This Sunday is Pendalouan's Spring Open House! This Sunday, May 1st from 1:00pm to 3:30pm, we'll have staff on hand to provide you with everything you need to prepare you for this upcoming summer or to reconnect with this magical place. Take a tour, speak to directors, go on a canoe ride, shoot an arrow, eat a cookie, and, if you haven't already, sign up for summer camp! Staff will be available to answer questions and explain our ability to help kids make friends while learning about the camp motto, “I’m Third” and the YMCA's four core values of Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility!

We hope to see you there!
But before then, let's meet two more 2011 Summer Staff members, Hannah and Lila!

Hello from Minnesota! I’m Hannah and I cannot wait to be back at Pendy for my second summer! Just thinking about foil dinners and juice pops is making my mouth water. I go to Macalester College in Minnesota and I am studying psychology. Some of my favorite things about camp are groove boarding on Big Blue, singing songs at meals, the square dance, and meeting new people. Only a few short months until the magic begins!

Hey there, campers! I’m Lila and this will be my seventh summer at Camp Pendy! It will be my first year as a counselor. I’m SO excited to spend the summer in the sand lot or on the T-dock or in the Gaga pit. I’m busy finishing off my junior year at Oak Park River Forest High School in Oak Park, Illinois and, of course, working on my singing voice for camp. I’m looking forward to spending my time in the Craft Shack or at the barn and meeting new friends the entire summer. I’m counting down the days! Hope to see you there at Big Blue!

Hannah and Lila are pumped for Summer 2011! Aren't you?!?!

Don't forget about this Sunday's Open House! If you have any questions, feel free to call the office at 231-894-4538. If you need directions, our office staff can help you, or you can check out the website at!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two More Staff!

ONLY 57 DAYS UNTIL SUMMER CAMP SESSION ONE! And in only 50 days, our staff will meet and start our week-long intense training experience. While it seems like spring is struggling to escape Winter’s cold hard grasp, summer will be here before we even know it!

To get ready, let’s meet two more of our counseling staff, Amiee and Mark!

Hello! I’m Amiee Woodrow and I am a senior at Michigan State University in the college of Human Development and Family Studies. Currently I’m studying for my midterms, staring out the window at the snow, imagining that my classes are over, the snow is melted, and that we are all at camp! In my free time, (whenever I find any) I like to paint, take pictures, watch movies and dream about the future. I also enjoy the little things in life, like freshly washed sheets and wiper blades that actually clean the windshield. This will be my very first summer at Pendalouan and there is no way in the universe that I could be more excited. I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Hey everyone! My name is Mark, and I’m super duper excited to be back at Pendy for my second summer as a Camp Pendalouan Counselor! I can’t wait to be back on Big Blue Lake, paddle boarding, making tinfoil dinners, and dominating in the Gaga pit. I go to Michigan State, where I study history. When I’m not at camp, I like to play guitar, listen to music, go running, and watch movies. I can’t wait to be back at camp, it’s going to be a blast!

We are happy to have Mark back and excited to welcome Amiee to the family!

Check back next week for more bios! And if you want to register for a session or have more questions, give us a call in the office or check out our website, or stop by Camp!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Teen Programs and Teen Directors!

A BIG Pendalouan Hello to everyone!

Did you know that Camp Pendalouan offers TWO amazing Teen Programs?!?!

First off, we have the C.I.T. program, which stands for Counselor-In-Training. This specialty program is for 16 year olds interested in beginning that progression from camper to staff. This 13-day experience provides opportunities to develop communication, leadership and camping skills, as well as skills and experience needed to be a great camp leader. Many of our current staff have themselves gone through the CIT program and can speak to the benefits of the experience!

Secondly, we have our Leaders-In-Training program for interested 15 year olds. This six-day experience allows these students to build a close and respectful community while enhancing their own positive attributes and leadership skills. There is no place to learn about leadership at camp, where great role models are numerous and leadership opportunities are everywhere!

Leading these two important teen leadership programs are our Teen Directors, Katie and Robert. Let's a take a moment to meet them!

Hi! My name is Katie and I’m thrilled to be returning to Camp Pendy this summer as co-Teen director, meaning I’ll have the opportunity to work with the oldest campers- namely the Counselors in Training (CITs) and Leaders in Training (LITs)!. This is my fifth summer working at camp and I’m eagerly counting down the days to when the sun doesn’t set before 9 pm, fireflies flicker by, the snow and ice has officially melted, swimming in Big Blue Lake is a very real possibility and summer camp has officially begun! Some of my favorite things about camp are swimming, sailing, and kayaking in Big Blue, playing capture the flag, tin foil dinners, and meeting new people and making new friends. When I’m not at camp, I attend Miami University where I’m majoring in Exercise Science with minors in Neuroscience and Nutrition. I hope to one day be a pediatrician. I’ve recently discovered how much I enjoy cycling and running in addition to my background in swimming and have had a blast participating on my school’s triathlon team. Crazy, but I it’s my goal to complete an ironman before graduation! Cheers!

My name is Robert~ I’m from Muskegon Michigan. I went to high school at Reeths-Puffer before studying English and outdoor education at Central Michigan University. This summer will be my second at YMCA Camp Pendalouan and I look forward to the rewards and challenges that come with the work!

We are thrilled to have Katie and Robert planning and leading our teen programs. If you are curious about Pendalouan's teen programs or other summer camp programs, feel free to check out our website or call the office! Are you not a teen yourself? Or are you children not at the teen age yet? Well stick around because later this week, we'll be introducing more Summer 2011 counselors!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summer... Just 8 Weeks Away!

It's safe to say that most people have finished up their spring breaks about now. If you are currently enjoying a break from school, enjoy your time off! The end of spring break is always a turning point. With the school year end in sight, summer is just waiting for us to catch up to it. With summer, of course, comes SUMMER CAMP AT PENDALOUAN! What better motivation to work hard and finish the year off strong than anticipation and excitement for Summer 2011. Need some mental images to help you along? How about feeling the breeze off of Big Blue Lake while out on a sailboat or a canoe? Or maybe the rush and adrenaline when you find the flag during a game of Capture the Flag? Or the feeling of safety and at-home-ness that eating around a campfire can provide? What about the laughter and smiles that are experiences at activities like Sports & Games, Mountain Biking, Aquatics Camp, or Swim Lessons?
Those are some of the images that have motivated me to finish the school year on a good note. They remind me that Camp is a magical place for everyone. Won't you join us this summer for a session or two?

Here are two more people, our Day Camp Director and Robyn, who will be helping out at the barn, who are just as excited to meet you!

Hello, my name is Holli and this is my second summer at camp as the Day Camp Director! I am looking forward to an amazing summer under the pavilion with lots of great activities planned for the campers. When I am not working summer camp I am working as an instructor for the Outdoor Education Program. I hale from Spokane, Washington and have a degree in Recreation management. Working at camp is the best job in the world.

HI!!! My name is Robyn and I am so excited to be working at Pendy for summer of 2011!!This will be my 15th year at Pendalouan! My Triple T-Bird year. Super stoked! I was a camper for 10 years and have been on staff for 5 years. This summer I will be helping Mandy up at the amazing Horse Barn and also working down in camp as a counselor. When I'm not at camp, I work at an Animal Hospital and love it! I can't wait to see the smiles on everybody's faces. Also for some great capture the flag games, foil dinners, opening campfire,pony rides,lake swims,and pretty much everything camp offers! See you soon!

We are thrilled to have Holli and Robyn back with us this summer. They can't wait to spend time with you!

Thursday, April 07, 2011


Hey Hey Friends of Pendalouan!
It's been in the 50s all week here at Pendalouan. Every week seems to inch us closer and closer towards SUMMER 2011! To help us get ready, we're gonna meet two more staff members! So without anymore hesitation, let's meet our Health Director and Equestrian Director!

Hi Everyone! My name is Marissa. I’m so excited to be back for my third summer! The past two summers I was a counselor, but this summer you’ll see me around with band-aids and a smile as the health officer. When I’m not at camp I go to school. I am finishing my first year at Earlham College, and next year I’ll be transferring to Xavier University. Summertime is my favorite part of the year. I can’t wait to see everyone’s smiling faces, have cookout dinners, and watch lifelong friendships form! Come visit me with headaches, tummy aches, bumps, bruises, or just to chat. And remember, drink lots of water!
Hi Everyone! My name is Mandi and I have the awesome privilege of joining the Pendalouan Summer Camp Staff for another year! I will be running the barn and taking care of our 12 beautiful horses again this summer. I have been teaching kids to ride horses every summer for almost ten years and I have been around them my whole life. I spend most of my days at the coolest place on camp, the barn! When I'm not feeding, brushing, saddling, bridling, riding, or bathing horses, I'm scooping poo, fixing fences, sweeping, pulling weeds, cleaning water troughs, or chasing after horses. I love my job and I can't wait to take you all on a trail ride through our scenic trails that you will never forget!

We are super pumped to have Marissa and Mandi back at Pendalouan this summer. Marissa's long history at Pendalouan and Mandi's extensive experience in the Equestrian World will be essential to making sure Camp is at its best this summer!

If you still need to register for summer camp, call Pendalouan today or head to Pendalouan's website to register for any session this summer and check back here, The Pendalouan Blog, often to meet more staff members!