Thursday, November 17, 2011

Camp Newsletters: A Pendalouan Tradition!


That's right! You heard correctly. The camp newsletter, Smoke Signals, is back!

Pictured: Two Camp Newsletters from our Past: A Smoke Signals from 1999, and a Lone Pine from 1983.

YMCA Camp Pendalouan has a long history of providing camp newsletters. And we are excited to announce the revitalization and reissuing of our Camp Newsletter, Smoke Signals!

From as far back as we can remember, Pendalouan has had some sort of newsletter. But the various versions have differed in terms of how frequent they came out, who they were targeted towards, etc. For example, the Smoke Signals of the 60s were produced at the end of each camp session and were given to each camper with a list of names and addresses of campers and staff.

We've also, from time to time, switched the name and format of our newsletters. Deep in our archives, we found a call for campers to write in what they think the name of the newsletter should be. The finalists are seen in the image below (for a clearer image, click the list).
In the 1980s, Pendalouan had The Lone Pine, which was named after a Giant Pine that towered above every other tree on Big Blue Lake. (The tree was later brought down by Boy Scouts, for some wonderful thoughts/descriptions of the Lone Pine, take a look at former Pendalouan Director Daryl Sieplinga and Jack Winans' articles in this 1983 issue of The Lone Pine.

Nowadays, we have two Camp Newsletters: 1) The Pendalouan Press, which is written by our Newspaper Class every week during summer camp (Next summer, we'll be posting those online - Be on the lookout!) and 2) Smoke Signals, which will comes out 4 times a year and recently was sent out in the mail and electronically last week.

Are you subscribed to our Alumni & Friends newsletter?!?! Our next Smoke Signals is set to come out in February 2012. In order to make sure you stay connected and receive a copy of the newsletter, click here and fill out the easy form.

Happy Reading!

Our Camp Newsletter,Smoke Signals, is one of Pendalouan's traditions that we are excited to bring back and continue. Do you have any old Pendalouan newsletters that you would be willing to donate for our archives? Any memories about Smoke Signals or other newsletters? If so, please email or call the office at (231) 894-4538.


Joel Sieplinga said...

This is Great! I'm also pretty excited to be the "and two-thirds children" in the clip under Daryl Sieplinga. I can't say we miss the mustache though!

Camp Pendalouan said...

We could just call you 2/3 Joel or maybe 2/3 for short? And aren't you about the same age as Daryl was when he had 1 2/3 children and that mustache? Maybe you should send a current photo so we can match them up!