Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Because of Pendalouan..."

There is no doubt that a camp experience can make a major difference in a child's life. In fact, when Alumni call us up or stop by for a visit, often the first thing they want to share with us is the impact that Pendalouan had on their lives.

A few years ago, the American Camping Association created a video titled "Because of Camp." This video featured successful people commenting about the impact camp had on their lives. The video can be seen below.

At Pendalouan Day 2011, we decided to ask our alumni & friends to share some of their thoughts on how camp has affected their lives. We also posted the question on our Facebook Question of the Week. Below are some of the responses. Enjoy!


"...I know that no child should go without at least one summer of camp."
Abby Hollinhead
former camper

"...I am a better parent than I would have been."
Mandi Garvey
former staff member

"...I am a "whole" person. :-)"
Lindsey DeLuca
former camper and staff

"...I've learned to be myself, and to respect other people."
Riley Grunow
current camper

"...I have not only come to appreciate and love the camp experience, but over the years I have become a better individual. I've become a better role model, leader, teacher, student, sister, and friend. I've come to truly appreciate life and all it has to offer, and I've met many amazing people and friends along the way. So thanks Camp Pendalouan, and here is to many more years of life changing experiences! :)"
Elizabeth Marks
former camper and staff member

“...we learned teamwork, we learned how to make friends. The thing that has stuck in my mind all the way through, was – and it’s more from Pendalouan than Emery - was I’m Third. And as I grew up, I always remembered God First, The Other Guy Second, and I’m Third.”
Judy Evans
Camp Emery Alum, Parent and Grandparent of Pendalouan Campers

"...I learned how to be responsible for my actions and how they would impact others, how to work, how to have a job. I learned how something so small can have such a great impact on someone else in a good way and a bad way. And I learned how to make mistakes and how to learn from them. I think that's the greatest thing I learned here - how to make mistakes and it's okay to make mistakes. And I leanred how to teach kids that friendship is the most important thing you could ever have in your life."
Kalin Franks
former staff member

"...I learned a lot about teamwork because in life you have to work together as a team."
Katie Wampler
former camper/CIT

"...I am who I am today. It made such an impact on my life. I'd hate to think about not having those years here at camp."
Jim Toth
former staff

"...I am much more respectful, honest, caring and responsible. I am more patient, I understand compassion and empathy. I have made lifelong friends. I appreciate small things like finding a turtle. I appreciate the Seasons. I know who Black Elk of the Oglala Sioux is. I understand what it means to be completely exhausted, warn out, unshowered and still greet parents on a Friday with a smile even bigger than the one presented on Sunday (because I always fall in love with my campers). My love of photography started at camp, my love of climbing started at camp. Because of Pendalouan I know that I can go further, run harder, wake up earlier, push my limits above and beyond anything. I also understand what others are capable of, how far others will push themselves with a little motivation. Children (and adults!) can do big big things with the right resources and a big smiling engaged counselor cheering them on the whole time. Camp is so so good."
Dom Paschal
former camper and staff

“...I learned how to take care of myself and other people. I learned how to be on time for stuff. That’s kind of a big one. I mean I could really go on all day. I think just learning how to be myself and treat other people.”
Tim Mathieu
former camper and staff

"...I am a teacher!"
Debbie (Shivle) Ykhlef
former camper and staff

"...I am going to get my Masters in teaching."
Meredith Freeney
former camper and staff

“...I learned how valuable friendships are, how valuable a day can be. I had a foundation. For me it’s like bedrock. I was here as an adolescent and I could have gone one way or the other, but Pendalouan gave me a great base and it was really the people of Pendalouan as much as the place.”
Mik DeBoef
former camper and staff

Many thanks to all who answered! And don't forget to check out our current question of the week by clicking here.

Do YOU have a "Because of Pendalouan..." story to share? If so, please email and we'll compile it for another post when we get enough responses! We love hearing from our camp families, alumni and friends, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

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