Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Our Annual Wishlist!

Every year at about this time, we are asked to compile our Annual Wishlist for the community. This year, we've compiled our Top 50 items that Pendalouan could benefit from.

We are putting our wishlist out on the blog so that maybe if YOU have one of these items you can help us out! If you think you're able to help camp acquire anything on the Wishlist please contact us at the office at (231) 894-4538!

Without further ado...

"Camp Pendalouan's Wishlist"

Any Pendalouan relics such as:
Staff or camper autographed plaques and canoe paddles
Copies of photos with names

Under $50
Digital Picture Frame
Ceramic mugs
Wooden canoe paddles, any size, whole or broken
Sand toys
Waterproof tarps, any size
Giftcards to Sam’s club, Gordon Food Service, Best Buy, Office Depot, Office Max, Meijer
Adult Sized Costumes (e.g. Gorilla Suit)
Hand Tools
Board games
Office Supplies
Skateboard helmets

Under $100
White boards
Vacuum cleaners
External hard drive

Under $500
Portable shade structures
Push Lawnmower
New basketball backboards and hoops

Under $5,000
Industrial Floor Scrubber
New Industrial Washer and Dryer
Wood splitter
Riding Lawnmower
4wd Utility Vehicle

7-passenger (or more) minivan
Pickup Truck
Monetary Donation for Camperships
Monetary Donation for Facility Improvements
Montetary Donation for Property Acquisition

Facility Projects Needing Funding
Fences ($2.00 per foot)
New Picnic Tables
Paddle boats
Light poles
Luggage pavilion (~$8,000)
Erosion control
Boardwalk along shoreline
Deck for Pawnee Cabin
Replace Climbing Wall
Replace Zipline
Outdoor Wood burning Furnace
Hydapipe showers ($450.00)
CIT Area Cabin/Housing
Wood Fencing for Horse Area
Ropers and Wranglers Cabin

We hope you can help us out! Have a great rest of your week!

Do you think you can help us out? If so, please contact us in the office at (231) 894-4538 or email Bruce, Executive Director, at You can also make a payment online by checking out our giving website.Link


Laurie Mac said...

Re: whiteboards - a flat section of shower surround (usually sold in a 4'x8' or so section)works well for whiteboards (and is usually less expensive than an 'official' whiteboard. Drill holes for hanging; cut into smaller sections easily ~Just a tip for anyone...Also, I'll contact Bruce w/ items (smaller ones) that I can donate; may be a while, though. :-) Can someone from Pendy pick up donations in Muskegon area???

Camp Pendalouan said...

Laurie, thanks for the tip on DIY Whiteboards. We look forward to hearing from you! We are more than likely able to pick up donations from the Muskegon Area. We will just have to work out the details on date and time! Thanks again Laurie!

Nikki said...

I wish I had a million dollars...I'd buy you....everything!