Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer 2011... In The Books

Although the sounds of school bells and lockers slamming are still a few days away, here at Pendalouan, we are saying goodbye to Summer 2011. And boy, what a summer it was!

This past summer, over 800 children experienced the Spirit of Pendalouan while they made friends, enjoyed the outdoors, stepped out of their comfort zone, embraced the four core values (honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility) and learned new skills in our resident and day camps. They sang songs, learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, swam across the lake, played Capture the Flag, and lived and learned how to gain independence and work together as a cabin on the shores of Big Blue Lake.

Some highlights from Summer 2011:

Summer 2011 was one of the cleanest in recent history! While there is bound to be some dirt and sand when living in the outdoors, this summer our campers went crazy for our week-long Cabin Clean-Up Competition! Taking the value of responsibility to heart (and being lured by the incentive of winning an ice-cream sundae party on Friday), campers made their beds, swept their cabins, and organized their belongings in a manner that surprised a lot of Pendalouan Staff. Program Director Mark, who has worked at Pendy for the last 6 summers, said, "I have never seen cabins so clean! These kids worked hard and took that job seriously. Sometimes there was not a single thing wrong with a cabin." A perfect score is very difficult to achieve at Pendalouan... this summer we had four cabins with perfect scores (100 pts). Pretty impressive.

New Games! We worked hard this year to make sure campers experienced new games (all-camp games and smaller group games. That way, even returning campers can enjoy the thrill of learning a new camp game! (Don't worry, we aren't planning on getting rid of Capture the Flag anytime soon)

New Activities! This summer we also made the effort to incorporate new activities into our Activity Offerings and Rendezvous Choices. Some of our new (or updated activities) include: Tumbling, Mad Science, Sailing, Mud Hikes, Creative Writing, and our new Specialty Camp; Fine Arts Camp.

During "Marko-Trivia," a short tradition that happened after morning chapels, campers learned about the following topics depending on the week: Nature and the Outdoors, Olympics, Outer Space and the Stars Jungle/Rainforest, United States History and Culture, and Pendalouan History.

Oh man, we here at Pendalouan could talk forever about Summer Camp, but for now, we'll leave it at that. As the the temperature starts to drop and the leaves begin to change colors, camp transitions to Outdoor Education season, another exciting time of year.

We hope that this Fall, you stay connected with Pendalouan on this blog and in other ways. We'll be updating this blog periodically with news, updates, pictures, and maybe even some contests! Also, be on the lookout for information on Pendalouan Day, a chance to connect with and experience Camp in a different season. The event will take place in October and a wonderful way to meet others who value and care about Pendalouan.

Enjoy your last week of Summer and the beginning of September!

Peace, Love, Pendalouan.