Sunday, June 19, 2011



That's right. The first day of summer - do you know why? Because today is the first day of Session One for the Summer Camp 2011 season! Today marks the beginning of another summer filled with campfires, archery, friend-making, swim lessons, adventure, fireflies songs, and skits.

Last week, the Summer 2011 Staff - who you met on the blog this spring - was hard at work getting training by Pendalouan's Leadership Team in Homesickness, Merriment-Making, Emergency Protocol, Cabin Unity, Bedwetting, and several other important areas.

The staff bonded as they went through several of the same experiences that campers do when they head off to a week (or two) at camp. Many reunited with returning staff they knew. Both our 1st year staff and our returning staff members met and made new friends with the 1st year staff. They learned in "Family Groups" - an attempt to simulate the cabin bonding experience. They did Taps Talks (our nightly ritual that involves recaping the day and reflecting upon it) and made Chapel Skits for the rest of the Staff. We raised and lowered the flag daily, and in between we had sessions such as working with challenging campers or incorporating the Four Core Values into teaching activities.

They even had a chance to canoe down the White River, an experience that our older campers especially have been known to love.

Now that Staff Training is over, and our staff is rested from a relaxing weekend, we are so excited for our first campers of the Summer to come and join us for an amazing summer.

On a related note about changing kids lives for the better, Happy Fathers Day to all you Dad's out there!

Peace, Love, Pendalouan.

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