Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Countdown Continues!

Can you believe that we only have 40 days left until Session One of Summer 2011 begins?!? The days will fly by and it will be before we know it!

You may already know that this summer we will once again only be having six sessions of resident camp! This is because our friends from Special Days Camps are coming back to Pendalouan for the first two in August. We had a blast with Special Days last year and we can't wait for them to return. But this does mean that it is super important to register now in order to secure your spot in the 6 sessions of Resident Camp! Be sure to check our website for rates & dates for Summer 2011! We can't wait to see you there!

Today, we are introducing two staff members who both have siblings working here at Pendalouan this summer! Today is Braden and Katie. Later this week, we'll meet their siblings Liz and Alyssa.

My name is Braden and I LOVE Camp Pendalouan! This is going to be my 12th summer at camp, and my first as a counselor. I can hardly wait for summer to get here and get to see Big Blue Lake again. I am a junior at Muskegon High School and am on the Cross Country Team. I also have a sister, Liz, who is also a counselor at Camp Pendalouan. My favorite meal at camp is Teriyaki Chicken, with chocolate pudding for dessert. YUM!!! I can't wait to be at camp having fun with everybody playing games and singing songs. This is going to be an amazing summer at camp and I am really excited to be part of it.

Hello everyone! My name is Katie and I am beyond excited to be a counselor at Camp Pendalouan this summer. This will be my first summer at Pendalouan and I cannot wait for the adventures to begin! I am currently finishing up my senior year at Carleton College in Minnesota where I enjoy studying Anthropology, making art, floating down the Canon river, and generally spending as much time out in the sunshine as possible. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and spending an amazing summer at Camp Pendalouan!

Stay tuned later this week, to meet their siblings, Liz and Alyssa!

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