Monday, April 18, 2011

Teen Programs and Teen Directors!

A BIG Pendalouan Hello to everyone!

Did you know that Camp Pendalouan offers TWO amazing Teen Programs?!?!

First off, we have the C.I.T. program, which stands for Counselor-In-Training. This specialty program is for 16 year olds interested in beginning that progression from camper to staff. This 13-day experience provides opportunities to develop communication, leadership and camping skills, as well as skills and experience needed to be a great camp leader. Many of our current staff have themselves gone through the CIT program and can speak to the benefits of the experience!

Secondly, we have our Leaders-In-Training program for interested 15 year olds. This six-day experience allows these students to build a close and respectful community while enhancing their own positive attributes and leadership skills. There is no place to learn about leadership at camp, where great role models are numerous and leadership opportunities are everywhere!

Leading these two important teen leadership programs are our Teen Directors, Katie and Robert. Let's a take a moment to meet them!

Hi! My name is Katie and I’m thrilled to be returning to Camp Pendy this summer as co-Teen director, meaning I’ll have the opportunity to work with the oldest campers- namely the Counselors in Training (CITs) and Leaders in Training (LITs)!. This is my fifth summer working at camp and I’m eagerly counting down the days to when the sun doesn’t set before 9 pm, fireflies flicker by, the snow and ice has officially melted, swimming in Big Blue Lake is a very real possibility and summer camp has officially begun! Some of my favorite things about camp are swimming, sailing, and kayaking in Big Blue, playing capture the flag, tin foil dinners, and meeting new people and making new friends. When I’m not at camp, I attend Miami University where I’m majoring in Exercise Science with minors in Neuroscience and Nutrition. I hope to one day be a pediatrician. I’ve recently discovered how much I enjoy cycling and running in addition to my background in swimming and have had a blast participating on my school’s triathlon team. Crazy, but I it’s my goal to complete an ironman before graduation! Cheers!

My name is Robert~ I’m from Muskegon Michigan. I went to high school at Reeths-Puffer before studying English and outdoor education at Central Michigan University. This summer will be my second at YMCA Camp Pendalouan and I look forward to the rewards and challenges that come with the work!

We are thrilled to have Katie and Robert planning and leading our teen programs. If you are curious about Pendalouan's teen programs or other summer camp programs, feel free to check out our website or call the office! Are you not a teen yourself? Or are you children not at the teen age yet? Well stick around because later this week, we'll be introducing more Summer 2011 counselors!

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