Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summer... Just 8 Weeks Away!

It's safe to say that most people have finished up their spring breaks about now. If you are currently enjoying a break from school, enjoy your time off! The end of spring break is always a turning point. With the school year end in sight, summer is just waiting for us to catch up to it. With summer, of course, comes SUMMER CAMP AT PENDALOUAN! What better motivation to work hard and finish the year off strong than anticipation and excitement for Summer 2011. Need some mental images to help you along? How about feeling the breeze off of Big Blue Lake while out on a sailboat or a canoe? Or maybe the rush and adrenaline when you find the flag during a game of Capture the Flag? Or the feeling of safety and at-home-ness that eating around a campfire can provide? What about the laughter and smiles that are experiences at activities like Sports & Games, Mountain Biking, Aquatics Camp, or Swim Lessons?
Those are some of the images that have motivated me to finish the school year on a good note. They remind me that Camp is a magical place for everyone. Won't you join us this summer for a session or two?

Here are two more people, our Day Camp Director and Robyn, who will be helping out at the barn, who are just as excited to meet you!

Hello, my name is Holli and this is my second summer at camp as the Day Camp Director! I am looking forward to an amazing summer under the pavilion with lots of great activities planned for the campers. When I am not working summer camp I am working as an instructor for the Outdoor Education Program. I hale from Spokane, Washington and have a degree in Recreation management. Working at camp is the best job in the world.

HI!!! My name is Robyn and I am so excited to be working at Pendy for summer of 2011!!This will be my 15th year at Pendalouan! My Triple T-Bird year. Super stoked! I was a camper for 10 years and have been on staff for 5 years. This summer I will be helping Mandy up at the amazing Horse Barn and also working down in camp as a counselor. When I'm not at camp, I work at an Animal Hospital and love it! I can't wait to see the smiles on everybody's faces. Also for some great capture the flag games, foil dinners, opening campfire,pony rides,lake swims,and pretty much everything camp offers! See you soon!

We are thrilled to have Holli and Robyn back with us this summer. They can't wait to spend time with you!

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