Monday, October 04, 2010

Wish List!

We have our "Wish List" for this year, and it's only October! Pendalouan has recently been asked to compile our community wish list which is displayed at our Muskegon Family YMCA.

We are putting our wish list out on the blog so that maybe if YOU have one of these items you can help us out! If you think you're able to help camp acquire anything on the Wish List please contact us at the office!


Camp Pendalouan 2010 "Wish List"

waterproof tarps, any size
portable shade structures
7-passenger (or more) mini van
a gorilla suit
ceramic mugs
wooden canoe paddles, any size, whole or broken

We hope you or someone you know can help!

Before we go, here is more "Pendy Gear" pictures! Alyssa & Hannah are college roommates AND Summer Staff members! Here they are hiking this past weekend in Minnesota enjoying the beautiful fall colors and of course wearing their Pendalouan Gear! Thanks Alyssa & Hannah!

Enjoy your week everybody!

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Grimm said...

You have got to be kidding me! Still no gorilla suit???!