Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Snow, Mountains & Memories!

We are loving every minute spent here at YMCA 125th Camping Celebration being held in Estes Park, CO. Each night coyotes and owls put us to sleep and we've been waking up to sunshine but today it was snow! Crazy mountain weather!

Former staff member Christopher Walker has been kind enough to share one of his favorite memories from his time spent on the Outdoor Education staff,

"There are so many great memories one takes away from Pendalouan... one of my favorite memories was playing the frontiersman in the Living History program. I enjoyed getting to playing a ruff and gruff character who would swindle the kids out of their family possessions. I always had a very feminine basket at my campsite full of apples. This basket belonged to the school teacher, but somehow they always ended up in my possession. It was fun playing along with the school teacher character and the kids on the whereabouts / ownership of those apples. Lori Willson and Beth Spencer were always involved with me on this fun adventure."

Chris, thanks again for sharing with us such a simple, yet memorable experience from such an important program!

Many memories are yet to be made at Camp, including this upcoming weekend for our Alumni & Friends Celebration. We hope you will join us!

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So long from Rocky Mountain National Park!

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