Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mystery Pendy Gear Man!

You should have SEEN the weather these past few days!! With crazy wind NON STOP it was difficult to hear anyone talking when you were outside. Good thing here at camp we are loud enough!

Sandy Hill Elementary School from Jenison, Michigan is in camp this week. They are having a blast doing all the activities we offer, and hosting their Halloween Party this evening.

Speaking of Halloween, our Halloween Camp starts tomorrow evening! We cannot wait and we're sure the nearly 50 kids who are coming are excited too. We'll be putting the finished touches on our costumes this evening and we wish you all a safe and happy Halloween weekend. Be sure to share some of that candy!

We are putting the wheels in motion for our end of the year Campership Campaign in which we will be contacting all alumni & friends to help with our fund for Camperships, which help send kids to camp who cannot otherwise afford to join us in the summer. Camperships are a big part of Pendalouan and we hope you will become a part of this awesome cause!

This week we leave you with the MYSTERY PENDALOUAN GEAR MAN. Who could it be?!

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Anonymous said...

seriously though, who is this?