Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mystery Pendy Gear Man!

You should have SEEN the weather these past few days!! With crazy wind NON STOP it was difficult to hear anyone talking when you were outside. Good thing here at camp we are loud enough!

Sandy Hill Elementary School from Jenison, Michigan is in camp this week. They are having a blast doing all the activities we offer, and hosting their Halloween Party this evening.

Speaking of Halloween, our Halloween Camp starts tomorrow evening! We cannot wait and we're sure the nearly 50 kids who are coming are excited too. We'll be putting the finished touches on our costumes this evening and we wish you all a safe and happy Halloween weekend. Be sure to share some of that candy!

We are putting the wheels in motion for our end of the year Campership Campaign in which we will be contacting all alumni & friends to help with our fund for Camperships, which help send kids to camp who cannot otherwise afford to join us in the summer. Camperships are a big part of Pendalouan and we hope you will become a part of this awesome cause!

This week we leave you with the MYSTERY PENDALOUAN GEAR MAN. Who could it be?!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alumni & Friends Weekend!

We had huge success this past weekend! We loved seeing so many familiar faces exploring Pendalouan. Red Heeres shared powerful words at the re-dedication ceremony for Wildwood Chapel, a definite highlight to the weekend.

In addition to Red a huge thank you to just a few of the Pendalouan Alum's that made the trip out; Jason Bertoia, Craig Lytle, Matthew Abel, Dominique Paschal, Dasha Dokshina, Barb & Shannon Gimenes, Brian Fedewa, Shelley Lewis, Jay & Sandy Wright, Mik DeBoef, Nancy Crandall, Jeff Mayberry, Dionel & Rob Jennings, Paul Spoelman, John Leitner, Mark & Stacy Luckey, Steve Leafers, Betty Johnson, Roger Hoffman, Dick Baker, Herb Driver, Matt Sheick, Don Potter and Jeff Cooke. This is just a fraction of the people who joined us, hopefully you recognize a few of these names!

Interested in getting back in touch with any of them? Contact us. Have you seen our YouTube video yet from the presentation this past weekend? We're excited to share it with you. In the meantime, all donations from Alumni & Friends Weekend are going directly into our campership fund, helping send kids to Pendalouan this summer who cannot afford camp on their own. An amazing cause. Enjoy your week! We will be in touch!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Snow, Mountains & Memories!

We are loving every minute spent here at YMCA 125th Camping Celebration being held in Estes Park, CO. Each night coyotes and owls put us to sleep and we've been waking up to sunshine but today it was snow! Crazy mountain weather!

Former staff member Christopher Walker has been kind enough to share one of his favorite memories from his time spent on the Outdoor Education staff,

"There are so many great memories one takes away from Pendalouan... one of my favorite memories was playing the frontiersman in the Living History program. I enjoyed getting to playing a ruff and gruff character who would swindle the kids out of their family possessions. I always had a very feminine basket at my campsite full of apples. This basket belonged to the school teacher, but somehow they always ended up in my possession. It was fun playing along with the school teacher character and the kids on the whereabouts / ownership of those apples. Lori Willson and Beth Spencer were always involved with me on this fun adventure."

Chris, thanks again for sharing with us such a simple, yet memorable experience from such an important program!

Many memories are yet to be made at Camp, including this upcoming weekend for our Alumni & Friends Celebration. We hope you will join us!

Want your memory featured on the blog? Email

So long from Rocky Mountain National Park!

Monday, October 11, 2010


It's hard to believe that our Friends & Alumni celebration is next weekend! We are looking forward to seeing many of you at camp on October 16 beginning at 3pm. There is still room available for spending the night, be sure to contact if you are interested!

Former Camper/Staff member Lindsey (Rup) Deluca has shared with us some of her favorite camp stories from years past, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

"My first memory at Pendalouan was taking my swim test. I was a "green" swimmer and was quite proud of this distinction since I was one of three in my whole cabin (Blackfoot). This made it difficult for buddy checks, however, but often the very nice waterfront director (Eddie Boersema) would let us triple up. Eddie taught swim lessons that year, and I remember him teaching me how to "kick more efficiently!

I was a CIT with the likes and legends of Kristina Derhammer, Adam Martin, Peter Wickman and Justin Jakobson. Andy Hill was our director and he was the best. All of us later went on to be counselors in future years. My first cabin ever was Fox. I was with Courtney Schaub. From my early years as a staff member, I have many fun memories of playing scatterball in the "dust bowl" with Dave Riley and Jen Scher (who married Jamey Scher, my partner-in-crime the first year I was CIT director). And the first time I heard Jason Bertoia sing the "Tarzan" song I almost peed my pants laughing. There is something about the way he did the motions that was beyond belief, and that song became a staple for that summer and many summers after! I'll never forget the summer I spent as a counselor in Blackfoot cabin much of it was with Erin Dancik, another camp legend. I learned a TON from her about being the best counselor ever and about loving Pendalouan deep down in my soul."

Thank you Lindsey for all the great stories! If you would like to share any of your Pendalouan memories you can email them to

Our Pendy Gear for this post is from Brittany and Sheila two summer staffers who are teachers in Yuma, Arizona! This past weekend they enjoyed the beautiful sun and sand in Mexico and OF COURSE had to sing to Mr. Zip Zip from their balcony! Thanks girls!

In The Spirit of Pendalouan!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Wish List!

We have our "Wish List" for this year, and it's only October! Pendalouan has recently been asked to compile our community wish list which is displayed at our Muskegon Family YMCA.

We are putting our wish list out on the blog so that maybe if YOU have one of these items you can help us out! If you think you're able to help camp acquire anything on the Wish List please contact us at the office!


Camp Pendalouan 2010 "Wish List"

waterproof tarps, any size
portable shade structures
7-passenger (or more) mini van
a gorilla suit
ceramic mugs
wooden canoe paddles, any size, whole or broken

We hope you or someone you know can help!

Before we go, here is more "Pendy Gear" pictures! Alyssa & Hannah are college roommates AND Summer Staff members! Here they are hiking this past weekend in Minnesota enjoying the beautiful fall colors and of course wearing their Pendalouan Gear! Thanks Alyssa & Hannah!

Enjoy your week everybody!