Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dreaming The Day Away

Recently it seems that everyone has that itch. At the first sight of sunshine and spring all one can think of is an afternoon swinging in a hammock on the hill. Or maybe running down to the lake and jumping in with a friend. Perhaps the high ropes course is more you- gazing out above the tree tops and feeling the sunshine on your face. Over on the sports field you can hear everyone laughing and cheering as a cabin puts together a game of soccer. At the barn the horses graze on hay while riders learn new techniques and games. Or maybe your favorite place is the deck of Nikana Lodge where you can always find someone to talk with or play a game, enjoy a juice-pop underneath a brightly colored umbrella....

Camp is a magical place for everyone, and we cannot wait to see you back at Pendalouan this summer.

Here are two more people who are just as excited to meet you!

Hey everybody! My name is Hannah and this is going to be my first year as a counselor at Camp Pendalouan. I cannot wait to spend time biking, swimming, and sitting around the campfire! I attend Macalester College in Minnesota and I am studying psychology and education. Some of my favorite things are making sandcastles, crocheting, synchronized swimming, and eating puppy chow. I’m so ready to have the most amazing summer ever with all you campers!

Hey there, I'm Egan! I am ecstatic to be working at Pendy and take in all of it's beauty again this summer. So many wonderful memories were created my first summer, I didn't think twice about returning for my second! When I'm not at camp, I create at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I grew up in Southeast Michigan, but Pendalouan is really a home away from home. My favorite things about camp are: meeting new people, sandbar, campfires, Craft Shack, foursquare, and grilled cheese (it's kinda scary how many I can consume in one sitting). Anxiously shakin' in my boots until June!!

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