Monday, February 15, 2010

Shores of Ice!

Greetings from the Shores of Big Blue Lake!

Or, to be slightly more accurate, Big White Chunk of Ice. It's quite white up here at Camp Pendalouan, and we're loving it. The groups coming in are enjoying the skiing and toboggan, and all winter activities in between.

As we get to the tail end of winter, though, it is easy to start thinking of summer. One of my personal favorite parts of summer days and summer camp is the much warmer waters of Big Blue. In the chilly days of February, then, I'll remember one of my favorite soaking wet camp days.

The morning started out like many mornings at camp: our whole cabin went down to the early 7:00 polar bear swim in the cold morning air. It was chilly and fun, and a great way to wake up. A little after breakfast, we went down to canoeing class and canoed in the lake, making sure to check out the wildlife in Turtle Bay. By Open Waterfront, it was hot, and everybody wanted to go swimming. We had enough time to wipe off the water just before lunch.
After a relaxing rest hour, though, it was back to the water. There was a Mud Hike and a water fight in Rendezvous Choice Time, and then some more boating and even sailing during afternoon Open Waterfront. An open fire cookout let us dry for a bit before a trip to the sand bar and some games on the Water Mat. By the evening all camp game, we were completely waterlogged, and dripping with smiles. Though we had never really dried off, it had been a great wet day.

Until the days are sunny, then,
Until the sailboats creek
Until the water is wet and warm,
Or at least until next week

- Counselor Will, guest hosting for Chief Pendalouan

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