Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And The Countdown Begins...

Hello all -

A warm-up is on the way (mid-30s)and some of our beautiful snow is going to melt. Although Summer Camp is very much on our minds, we are not even remotely ready for winter to end! We have many school groups on their way out to camp to ski, toboggan and play broom-ball; weekend groups coming to enjoy hot chocolate by the warm fire; and Special Days coming for their Winter Camp!

What? You haven't heard about Special Days?!? It's this awesome camp for children who are living with cancer and their siblings. This winter will be the first time Special Days has camped with Pendalouan and we are super excited!!! I have heard great things about all things related to Special Days and am quite anxious to try deep-fried Oreos! Check out the Special Days website at

So please, even if you don't like winter, say a prayer that we keep our snow for quite a bit longer!!

Suumer Camp, as mentioned before, is very much on our minds! I have a room full of arrows, canoe paddles, crafts items and more just waiting to be put to use. Staff is steadily being added to the Summer 2010 roster. Next week, I will begin to introduce them to you'll just have to wait to see who will be filling our summer days with fun and laughter!!

For the record...the first day of summer camp is just 158 days away!!

-Chief Pendalouan

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Hello Campers, Staff, Parents and Alumni -

Camp is absolutely beautiful right now!! It is covered by a blanket of snow at least 12 inches deep and there is more snow in the forecast. We are so lucky to be in such a winter wonderland!

Happy 2010! Do you make New Year's Resoultions? If so, I sincerely hope that one of them is to make sure you visit Pendalouan at least one time this year. So much is happening - East Moon Bathhouse is getting a facelift and promises to be amazing; staff - both old and new - are being put into place on the Summer Camp 2010 team; school groups and weekend rental groups will begin their treks to camp in just 2 weeks; and summer camp planning is in full-swing.

Make sure you stop back here to see what's happening!

Until next time -

Chief Pendalouan