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Pendaloun Press Session2, 2009


Session 2, 2009

50 ft. Squirrel vs. Chauncy
By Skylar

We recently found out that swimmer’s itch is caused by a fight between Chauncy and a 50 foot squirrel. Further resources say that Chauncy is sending his servants, the Schistosomes, to burrow into your bloodstream and to your brain, where they try to warn you about the battle. Unfortunately, all of the bugs die before they get to your brain. Fortunately, Chauncy is winning this epic battle, and sending the Schistosomes to warn us. Until next time, this is the Press.

Marmots: An Interview with Lori
By Noelle

Q: What do you know about Sleepy Hollow Marmots?

A: They are very vicious. I’ve never really seen one before, but people say that they have a long purple snout and long claws, and they are about four feet tall. They argue a lot with each other, and they throw each other against trees. Whoever knocks a tree down when the marmot is thrown wins the fight.

Q: About how fat are they?

A: Very big but, I don’t have an exact size of them.

The Four Core Values
By Maddie

Caring, Responsibility, Respect, and Honesty. These are the four core values. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget the white band, I saved it for last. Because it’s the most important one. With that band comes a saying. “I’m third.” “I’m third” means God first, others second, and I’m third. Now, here are the colors of the bands:
Honesty – Blue.
Caring – Red, like your heart.
Responsibility – Green
Respect – Yellow
Here is one way to earn the red band: If someone falls you could ask them if they are okay and help them up.
Here is one way to earn the green band: If there is garbage on the ground you could pick it up (you are being responsible for the earth)
Here is one way to earn the yellow band: Listening to a person and looking at them when they are talking.
Here is one way to earn the blue band: When someone asks you a question you tell the truth.
Now you’ve learned about all the bands.

By Kelly

Is Chauncy real? Is Chauncy really afraid or red? What is Chauncy’s favorite food? Will Chauncy really attack people? Does Chauncy live at the other side of the lake? Mark said he saw a red/yellow tentacle. A CIT said that she saw Chauncy. Should I believe her?
The Disappearance of the Purple Band
By Mason

This year, there aren’t any purple bands to be given out at all! If you know anything, contact your local camp news here at Camp Pendalouan. The purple band symbolizes counselors choice.

By Austin

I was at my house as bored as ever and then my mom said it’s time for camp. I was so scared I started having goosebumps I was afraid that I was not going to make any friends but wait I remembered that to be a good friend is to be caring, respectful, honest, and responsible anyway, I was almost done packing up. I put all my stuff in the bag well actually my mom packed my stuff but I did some you know. Anyway I was on my way to camp I was so scared (oh and just to tell you my sister is coming). Ok here we were at camp and I and my mom got to the cabin and unpacked. My two counselors are Tim and Jayme they are cool guys. Tim is tall and has brown eyes and brown hair. Jayme has brown eyes and black hair. I said hi to them and went to my sister’s cabin. When I went to my sister’s cabin, my mom and dad said bye to me and my sister. When my mom and dad left I went back to my cabin to talk to my cabin mates and Tim and Jayme. When I was done talking to Tim and Jayme and my cabin friends I went down to this pond to find frogs and turtles. I caught a soft shell turtle and showed my sister.

Anime with a CIT and a camper
By Anastacia

1. Is Yuki a vampire? No. Zero is a vampire but only purebloopds like Kaname-sama can either kill them ore make them a regular vampire.
2. Does Kaname hate Zero? He does but he also needs his help to protect Yuki from vampires.
3. How old did Naruto start? The first Naruto that was made was from 1997.
4. Are Sasuke and Naruto friends or enemies? Sasuke and Naruto are friends but Sasuke needs to get the sharringan to defeat his brother Hachi.
5. Who created Naruto and Chobits? Naruto was created by Masashi Kishimoto and Chobits creator was Natsuki Tayaya.

Sleepy Hollow: an Interview with Matthew
By Cian

Q: What is the Devil trampoline?
A: It shows who’s good of heart. The evil fall through. Once, a child lost his shoe. The counselor saved him.

Q: What happened in the Indian Battle?
A: Owasippe became blind with rage and fought the Potawottami.

Q: What about the cursed water?
A: You would be stricken with nightmares so horrible you would be scared to fall asleep if you touched it.

Q: Are you afraid of Sleepy Hollow?
A: No. I respect it so I have no fear of the spirits who dwell there.

Q: Is it cursed?
A: Not cursed. A hotspot of supernatural activity.

Q: If you sleep at Sleepy Hollow will you be attacked by ghosts?
A: If you’re respectful, there’s nothing to fear.

Fact or Myth
By Bridgette

1. Crickets can tell the temperature with their chirp. FACT
2. Raccoons wash their food.
3. Snakes charm their prey.
MYTH. Some animals are spooked by snakes. But the snake doesn’t physically do anything to lure its prey.
4. Dogs talk with their tails. FACT
5. Porcupines shoot their quills.
6. Bats are blind. MYTH
7. Camels store water in their humps. MYTH

Waterfront Questions
By Breanna

Is there a big current in the water? No it’s a small, slight current.

What is your favorite waterfront activity? My favorite activity is the fun-yak.

Have you ever seen Chauncy? I’ve never seen Chauncy I actually don’t believe in him.

What do you think is the easiest to use, fun-yak, canoe, or paddleboat? I think the easiest boat to use is the fun-yak.

An Interview with Nate
By Ethan

Q: What is the most exciting thing that ever happened out of all your years at Camp Pendalouan?
A: My T-bird year.

Q: Are you a vegetarian?
A: Yes.

Q: How many years have you been at Camp Pendalouan?
A: 8 years.

Q: What is your favorite activity at camp?
A: The water mat.

Q: Where do you live?
A: Whitehall

Q: Do you have any animals?
A: Two dogs, Chester and Max.

Q: How tall are you?
A: 5’ 2’’

Q: How old are you?
A: No comment.

Special Day
By Cassidy

Everybody was marvelously excited for the adventurous day of fun! This Wednesday you will participate in the one and only funday!!! Everyone was jumping up and down for funday on Wednesday when you get to play games, be yourself, and have a good time. Everyone has to do something fun and if they don’t they don’t know what Camp Pendalouan is!! Everyone should know that you should have a good time on funday. Its like a given. Everyone was excited for Wednesday because it was Special Day. Everyone at camp got to sleep in and have a ball all day!!! They were all happy, well rested, and full of cowboys and Indians as we played the game “find the princess”.
Name Poetry


On video games
Not uncool





Name Poetry

Kool-Aid Liker
Loves Be
Addicted to computers

Awesomely awesome
Doesn’t like Green Beans
Excited for my activities and

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