Thursday, April 23, 2009

Horse Power! Girl Power?!

Apologies, you know those weeks when you barely have time to think ahead more than a couple hours? Yes- it's one of those.

Today brings some Support Staff Ladies... Our wonderful new addition at the Barn, Riding director- and the Summer 2009 Program Director, both these ladies are counting down the days until summer and cannot wait to see you there!

Have a wonderful end to your week.

Howdy Everyone! My name is Jill and this will be my first summer at Camp Pendalouan! I have spent many summers as a camper but have never had the oppuntunity to be on the other side of camp! I am the Riding Director this summer so most of my time at camp will be spent at the barn with the kids and horses! I'm so excited to share my love of riding with the campers. Hopefully we'll have some fun learning about the horses, how to care for them, and have fun riding as well! My other favorite camp activies are the ropes course and all camp games like color wars and capture the flag (pretty much any game that lets me run around and doesn't involve a ball)! I am a graduate of Albion College but will be attending MSU this fall to pursue my master's degree. Summer is right around the corner and I can't wait to meet you all. See you at the Barn!
Hail Pendalouan! Hi everyone, I'm Kalin... this summer I'll be returning to my favorite place on Big Blue Lake as the Program Director and I am so excited! Currently I am studying abroad in Italy, and my home school is in Chicago. I cannot wait to return 'home' to Pendalouan and another amazing summer. My favorite parts about camp are; laughing with my campers, cook outs, color war, learning how to sail, waterfront, campfires, and of course being outside all day. Summer isn't that far- so I will see you all soon! You can't miss me, I'll be the one searching around for my missing sunglasses! See you then!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two Months!

Two very short month's from tomorrow is the first day of session one! Ah, time is flying- and we are busier than ever at camp. Everyone is gearing up for the busiest Outdoor Education season [Spring] and also getting ready for the Summer!

I hope your holiday weekend was relaxing and found you with people you care about having a great time.

Today was meet two more staff members... Have a great week!
Hey everybody!! My name is Elizabeth and this is my seventh year at camp, but second as a counselor. I am so excited for the summer of 2009!! I love arts and crafts, canoeing, swimming, hanging out with everyone on the deck of the lodge, and the Trading Post, and can’t wait to sit by the campfire and welcome everyone back to camp. Last summer was so much fun but I think this summer we can make it better… and we will! I can’t wait to see everybody!!

Howdy! My name is Jon, and this will be my second year working at beautiful Camp Pendalouan! I just graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College with a degree in Political Science, and I have plans to join this Peace Corps (if everything works out ideally!) I love being outside, having fun, loud music, and meeting people, and I am so, so, so, so excited to be back at Camp this summer! I also have many hobbies and favorite colors.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Let's 'Spring' Into 'Summer!'

Ahhhhh you hear that? Yes- the sounds of spring. Chirping birds, breezes through the trees, rain on the rooftops daily, so wonderful. If you listen closely, very very closely you can almost hear Summer in there, it's almost yelling "let me out! I'm ready!!"

This Saturday afternoon with the sun at my back brings me to introduce two returning staff members! They are both so excited to see you there, and so am I!

Ciao for now!!!
Hi! My name is Robyn. This will be my 13th year at camp. I am super excited to be coming back. You will usually find me down by the water, lifeguarding or just swimming in general. I love everything about camp. When I'm not at camp, I'm in school and telling everybody that I have the coolest job ever. My favorite camp game is chaos. I can't wait until the summer and hope to see you there!
Hello everyone! My name is Eric. After a great summer at Pendalouan last year (my first I might add) I am back for more. My favorite activities at camp include capture the flag, scatterball, mountain biking and songfest, as well as countless other things. When I am not at Camp, I am a student at Carleton College where I plan to major in Computer Science. My hobbies include diving, soccer, frisbee, and writing music. I can't wait to see you all at camp!