Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sunny Staff

I feel that maybe if we name a blog post after the sun, it will come out and stay out! Spring where are you? If you read this- arrive ASAP, this winter was cold and very very long. How are you? Hope your Thursday is leading into an exciting weekend.

You know why I'm here, so let's not dodge around the topic, two more staff members! It's crazy that in mid-March we already have a huge crew of 30 ready and super excited to have you! See you later!
Hi! I’m Leah! This will be my first year as staff, but my 7th year at Pendalouan. After two years away from camp, I am super excited to be coming back! My favorite things about camp include being wild and crazy, singing nonsense songs, and playing games, enjoying the great outdoors, and sitting by a roaring campfire with oodles of great friends! I cannot wait to return to camp to start making incredible new memories! Summer 2009 is going to be fabulous!!!
Hey Everybody! My name is Tim and I'm so excited for this summer! This will be my fourth summer working at Pendalouan. My favorite things to do at camp are swimming, mountain biking, archery, and I can always go for a good game of capture the flag. When I'm not at camp I'm in school studying to be a teacher and enjoy enjoy swimming with my free time. I know that we are going to make summer '09 the best summer we've ever had so make those summer plans early and be sure to put a week (or two!) aside for all your friends at Pendalouan! See you there!

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