Sunday, February 15, 2009

Staff New And Old!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, Sundays are great for recharging batteries and revving up for the week. Things are good ole’ Pendy are wonderful, we are busy as bees finalizing all the Summer staff spots, along with preparing some great new things for activities this Summer. It is sure to be another epic Summer on the shores of Big Blue Lake.

This week we introduce two staff members, one is a fresh face on Staff this summer, the other is a Pendalouan Alum. Egan and Sarah! They both are really excited for June and cannot wait to see you.

Without further delay… here they are!

Hi I'm Egan! This will be my first summer at Camp, and I am quite excited! A few random facts about me? I really enjoy time spent with my family and best pals. I love to laugh, and I love people that make me laugh. I snowboard whenever I can, and I will never pass up a handful of Nilla Wafers. I love to paint, and I like to pretend I have skill when it comes to playing the piano. I love being outside and I try to appreciate the little things in life. I love "remember whens", and listening to kids' stories. I've been told I'm weird, funny, creative, and unique, but I'll let you be the judge :) I can't wait to meet everyone and start at Pendalouan in June!!!!
Hey my name is Sarah! This will be my third year at camp as staff and eleventh year at summer camp altogether. I'm so ready for camp to come, that I already have things packed up so I can start decorating the cabin. When I'm not at camp, I love to photograph crazy things and dance to fun music. I especially miss ‘Capture the Flag’, and I'm pumped to do it again this summer!

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