Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Summer Staff!

Hi everyone! Hope you had a wonderful week. This blog will focus on two more returning staff members, Dasha and Jory. We are really excited to have these two coming back for more Pendalouan fun this summer. Before they are introduced, just a reminder that you can register for Summer Camp on the homepage; look under the “What’s New” section and click the Summer 2009 link! All the information you need can be found right here. Have a great week!

Hello, my name is Jory. This will be my third summer at Camp Pendalouan, and I can't wait for it to get underway. In fact I dream about it every night. I also often have paranoid dreams about koala bears taking over the earth, but I digress... My favorite camp activities include stupid but fun, and drama. I'm also a huge fan of four square, snack time, rest hour, and playing my guitar really loudly so that the sleepy hollow marmots stay away. Most weeks, you can find me chillaxing in Navajo, which I consider my home away from home. I'm also usually not far from Patrick, who I share a telepathic link with. When I'm not at good ole Pendy, I go to college to learn how to speak English really well and get mad at how cold it is in Michigan.

Hey! My name is Dasha and this will be my 3rd summer at Camp Pendalouan. I enjoy eating lots of ice cream and running, sometimes eating ice cream while I'm running. When I’m not at camp I go to college and study the environment. Things I love about camp (or what I like to call the 4 C's): capture the flag, cookies, campfire, and campers. I can't wait for summer '09!! It will be amazing!

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