Monday, February 23, 2009

Staff Staff and More Amazing Staff!

I'll keep this short because I know why you're really here! More staff! They are all ecstatic for summer and cannot wait to see you there! Have a great week!
Hey my name is Elizabeth, but most people just call me Liz =) This is my first year of being a staff member, but I've been a camper for 10 years, so I know there is no better way to spend a summer than at camp. I'm really excited for this summer, and all the new opportunities and adventures it holds. I also can't wait for the delicious juice bars at camp, those are definetly my favorite. But what I'm looking forward to the most is spending time with all the campers, and making all of their camp memories as memorable as mine were. This summer is going to be AMAZING!

Hi! My name is Brittani, and I’ve gone to summer camp at Camp Pendalouan most of my life. This will be my 11th summer there. Camp is a great place to make great, long-lasting friendships and to really challenge yourself. My favorite thing about camp is the opportunity to try things I may not try otherwise. This summer, I am most excited to see which campers return to camp and all the new arrivals. It’s gonna be a blast!

Friday, February 20, 2009

T Shirt Winner!

Whew. What a busy week! But hey, it’s Friday that’s worth something isn’t it?! I come bearing wonderful news, a winning t-shirt entry! The honor goes to a Mark! With a close runner up with yet another counselor hailing from the great state of Illinois, Tim! Both of them had awesome ideas and Mark’s design will proudly be displayed on the staff t-shirt for Summer 2009 and go down in history with the t-shirts from summers past. Hopefully some of you will be able to get a similar one at the trading post when you visit us this year!

Well, hopefully none of you got excited because winter is back this week and it looks like our winter wonderland look at Pendalouan will soon be returning. Things are keeping up to pace around here with Outdoor Education groups, weekend groups, and overall “campiness!”
Have a great weekend and we will see you next week!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Staff New And Old!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, Sundays are great for recharging batteries and revving up for the week. Things are good ole’ Pendy are wonderful, we are busy as bees finalizing all the Summer staff spots, along with preparing some great new things for activities this Summer. It is sure to be another epic Summer on the shores of Big Blue Lake.

This week we introduce two staff members, one is a fresh face on Staff this summer, the other is a Pendalouan Alum. Egan and Sarah! They both are really excited for June and cannot wait to see you.

Without further delay… here they are!

Hi I'm Egan! This will be my first summer at Camp, and I am quite excited! A few random facts about me? I really enjoy time spent with my family and best pals. I love to laugh, and I love people that make me laugh. I snowboard whenever I can, and I will never pass up a handful of Nilla Wafers. I love to paint, and I like to pretend I have skill when it comes to playing the piano. I love being outside and I try to appreciate the little things in life. I love "remember whens", and listening to kids' stories. I've been told I'm weird, funny, creative, and unique, but I'll let you be the judge :) I can't wait to meet everyone and start at Pendalouan in June!!!!
Hey my name is Sarah! This will be my third year at camp as staff and eleventh year at summer camp altogether. I'm so ready for camp to come, that I already have things packed up so I can start decorating the cabin. When I'm not at camp, I love to photograph crazy things and dance to fun music. I especially miss ‘Capture the Flag’, and I'm pumped to do it again this summer!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Summer Staff!

Hi everyone! Hope you had a wonderful week. This blog will focus on two more returning staff members, Dasha and Jory. We are really excited to have these two coming back for more Pendalouan fun this summer. Before they are introduced, just a reminder that you can register for Summer Camp on the homepage; look under the “What’s New” section and click the Summer 2009 link! All the information you need can be found right here. Have a great week!

Hello, my name is Jory. This will be my third summer at Camp Pendalouan, and I can't wait for it to get underway. In fact I dream about it every night. I also often have paranoid dreams about koala bears taking over the earth, but I digress... My favorite camp activities include stupid but fun, and drama. I'm also a huge fan of four square, snack time, rest hour, and playing my guitar really loudly so that the sleepy hollow marmots stay away. Most weeks, you can find me chillaxing in Navajo, which I consider my home away from home. I'm also usually not far from Patrick, who I share a telepathic link with. When I'm not at good ole Pendy, I go to college to learn how to speak English really well and get mad at how cold it is in Michigan.

Hey! My name is Dasha and this will be my 3rd summer at Camp Pendalouan. I enjoy eating lots of ice cream and running, sometimes eating ice cream while I'm running. When I’m not at camp I go to college and study the environment. Things I love about camp (or what I like to call the 4 C's): capture the flag, cookies, campfire, and campers. I can't wait for summer '09!! It will be amazing!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Ground Hog Day & More Great Staff!

Man oh man...Puxatony Phil saw his shadow this morning, which means we are in for six more weeks of this chilly winter, but have no fear... summer will get here!

The renovations on the Crandall Cabin [Apache] are going great! Our target finish date is March 1st! The new ceiling, both on the deck and inside the cabin was just completed and look wonderful. This is sure to be a beautiful renovation and be an awesome new part of Summer 2009.

It's Monday which means exciting staff introductions! This week we have two returning staff members, Will and Juice...drum roll please...

Hey! My name is Will, and I can't wait to come back to camp this summer! I love swimming, archery, hiking, and a good game of Sock Wars. My favorite camp food is probably spaghetti, though the mac and cheese is also pretty delicious. This summer, I'm looking forward to canoeing down the White River as a cabin, and toasting some golden brown marshmallows. I can't wait to see you all there!

Hi my name is Juice! This will be my second summer at Camp Pendalouan. I am so excited to be joining the fantastic staff of summer 2009. This year my role will be a bit different, as I will be the new H.O.T girl at camp (Health Officer Trained). All this snow on the ground makes me wish summer would come sooner. My favorite things about camp are the s’mores on cook out nights, campfires, building lifelong friendships and the weekly duals of capture the flag. In my free time I enjoy training dolphins at sea world, running, kickboxing, and weightlifting. This coming summer I look forward to taking care of all your bumps, scrapes, bruises, cranial aches, and pains of any other sorts.
Here’s to summer ’09!
Hope everyone has an amazing week!