Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pendalouan Press Session 6, 2008

The Pendalouan Press
Session Six, 2008

An Interview with Mark
by Kayla
Q: Do you like art?
A: Yes
Q: Do you like books?
A: Oh my gosh, yes
Q: Do you like hats?
A: Yes, for sure
Q: Do you like BB guns?
A: No, not really

The Three Little Pigs
by Michael
Once upon a time there was three little pigs. The first pig built a house out of grass. The second little pig built a house out of sticks. The third little pig built a house out of bricks. One day the big bad wolf came by. And then he ate them all.

A Tale
by August
One day there was a girl named Juliet. And she met a boy named Romeo. They were in love. So so much. But no one knew about it. So they ran away. And they came back because they were scared.

An Interview with Jessa
by Sydney
Q: How do you like Camp Pendalouan?
A: I love Camp Pendalouan!
Q: Do you like being a nurse?
A: Definitely
Q: Why do you like this job?
A: Free band-aids
Q: Have you ever wished you had a different job?
A: Yes and No. I really like being a counselor the last two years, but I enjoy this as well.
Q: What is the hardest part about being the health officer?
A: Waiting for somebody to get hurt.
Q: Have you ever given a shot to someone?
A: Yes, but it wasn’t hard.

Buggin’ Out with Tony
by Tony
Gnats are drinking your sweat. There are so few gnats because of the heat. So many gnats are annoying. I haven’t seen many bus hit the mark to bite. There are more at home than here. Later, I am seeing more gnats than usual. Gnats are everywhere. To many make it now. The spiders are not doing their job. Care for the spiders. Except the black widows, kill those.

A Discussion about Chauncy
by Egypt
Is there really a squid in the water? Some people say no; some people say yes; everyone has a different story. Some people say he was born here; some people say there was a plane crash, and in the plane, it was filled with seawater and seawater animals. Chauncy is afraid of the color red. It’s all in whether you believe or not.

Two Interviews
By Darrius
Tori thinks Stupid but Fun is the best activity. His opinion of the camp store is he thinks its great for after rest hour chocolate. He says that scatterball is the far most best sport at camp. Outside of camp, Tori reads and plays guitar. Tori is from the state of Michigan.
Nate’s favorite part of camp is closing campfire. He thinks grandpa should be working there. Nate believes that scatterball is “amazing”. Outside of camp, Nate goes to concerts. Nate is born in South Carolina.

Press Barons: Will and Bert