Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Goodness, it has been ages since the Blog has been updated. We have been hard at work with various school groups. Lots of high ropes, Gold Rush, and various outdoor games. All the kids have been having a great time and have really connected with the outdoors by being here.

Some of you may notice the new author of the blog - Chief Pendalouan! In order to "tweak" the blog a little, we have created a new account. Lots of technical details. The point is that now that camp has a "camp" account, we will be able to create a few new blogs for staff and the Camp Newspaper.

In the News: Summer staff keep visiting camp - they love it so! We have seen many counselors back to visit, including Kate, Dom, Jory and Matt. Speaking of Matts, Matt Sheick (One of our CIT Directors) recently visited China. He tells us he had an awesome time and even sent some pictures. Later this week, I'll be posting these to the blog so everyone can see them.

Don't forget that Halloween Camp is just around the corner. Come and see old friends at the overnight. Counselors will be back from summer camp dressed as ghosts and goblins, as will campers we love to see. I hope you can all come by and see the spooky camp setup.

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