Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween Fast Approaches

Camp has been busy as can be lately. Last week much time was spent finishing the bathrooms in the log cabins. It has been a large group effort from the staff.

This week we have had groups from Whitehall's Ealy Elementary, Mona Shores High School, and Dimondale Elementary near Lansing. Friday we welcome Twin Lake. With all these schools, it comes as no surprise that we have seen a few summer campers come our way. They have been very excited to see camp improvements.

Halloween Camp is on Friday. We have almost 80 kids signed up as of right now. It will be a fun-filled evening. We will eat dinner and then have a campfire. After that, the campers will rotate through a Haunted area, a trick or treat hayride, and a carnival in the lodge. Saturday will bring lots of games and typical camp activities.

Many summer staff will be coming to help out; not only from 2007, but 2006 and 2005 as well!

It is crisp fall weather outside right now, so I will be getting out there to have some fun!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Olsen Cabin -aka- Gogebic (Go Gee Bik)

The past few weeks have been spent in fierce activity to get the new cabin and Kiowa finished. The bathroom in Kiowa is ready for use, and Gogebic's is not far behind. The staff have learned an mastered the power of a wetsaw and a few of us are now well-schooled in the installation of insulation.

In addition to cabin fun, we are busy planning for Halloween Camp and making sure all our school groups have a swell time. Halloween Camp is filling fast, but there is still room to come. It will be a not-so-scary time.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Matt in China

As promised, here are pictures Matt S has sent us from his trip to China!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Goodness, it has been ages since the Blog has been updated. We have been hard at work with various school groups. Lots of high ropes, Gold Rush, and various outdoor games. All the kids have been having a great time and have really connected with the outdoors by being here.

Some of you may notice the new author of the blog - Chief Pendalouan! In order to "tweak" the blog a little, we have created a new account. Lots of technical details. The point is that now that camp has a "camp" account, we will be able to create a few new blogs for staff and the Camp Newspaper.

In the News: Summer staff keep visiting camp - they love it so! We have seen many counselors back to visit, including Kate, Dom, Jory and Matt. Speaking of Matts, Matt Sheick (One of our CIT Directors) recently visited China. He tells us he had an awesome time and even sent some pictures. Later this week, I'll be posting these to the blog so everyone can see them.

Don't forget that Halloween Camp is just around the corner. Come and see old friends at the overnight. Counselors will be back from summer camp dressed as ghosts and goblins, as will campers we love to see. I hope you can all come by and see the spooky camp setup.