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Pendalouan Press Sesson Six

The second to last issue of the Pendalouan Press 2007! We are in our last week of summer camp. It is a sad time, but counselors are working hard to make sure all the campers have as good a time as those campers from session one. This weekend is, of course, Father Son Camp. A very old Pendalouan Tradition, we will be welcoming many older and new generations of families for the weekend.

Here is the Pendalouan Press, featuring a few scary stories written by our campers.

The Haunted Lake By Harley Tyler

The haunted lake was black, dark, and bodies were floating. You could hear screams from people who died and staff were flying through the air. If you went in the lake and got out you would disappear.

Haunted House By August Lee

One family thought that they had a portal to the underworld in their basement. They had to call a ghost hunter to get it away. Then they went to sleep in the living room and the mattress went up and down like a heat beat and breathing. Then it was gone.

Popcorn Flood By August Lee

One day at school the popcorn machine broke and popcorn went crazy. So the principal tried to fix it but he could not fix it. The children swam in the popcorn. The one kid had some ideas. His first idea was to get a bag and scoop some up and eat it and call mechanic.

A Dog at Camp By August Lee

Name: Kushi
Who does it belong to? Bruce and his family
Girl or Boy: Girl
Does she roll in the sand? Yes
Does she chase sticks? Yes
Does she like to swim? Yes
Where does she live? With Bruce and his family
Who are her mom and dad? Bruce and Margaret

Interview to a camper: By Emily Litynski

Name: Sarah
Favorite thing to do at camp: Swim
Age: 11
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Sport: Swimming
Favorite Color: Blue
Cabin Name: Ottawa
Your Counselors: Ali and Dom
How many years have you been at camp: 1
Your Birthday: February 20
Favorite food at camp: Tater Tots

Interview of CIT By Emily Litynski

Name: E.T.
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite sport: Ultimate Frisbee
Favorite Activity at Camp: Singing Songs
Favorite Cabin Name: Kiowa
Your Cabin Name: Blackfoot
Best Friend at Camp: Bert
Favorite Camp song: Humpty Dumpty

The Name of the Ghost By Emily Litynski

On February 8, 1999, a ghost appeared in front of Robyn. Robyn was so scared. She ran back to her cabin as fast as she could with her buddy. Last year on my birthday February 8, she came to me. I wasn’t scared. Nobody knows his name.

Interview of Dasha By Emily Litynski and Christina Matticks

Where are you from? Born in Russia
How long have you been at camp? 1st year
What is your favorite part about camp? Hanging with kids
What is your favorite camp song? Tarzan
Why did you come to camp? Wanted to have fun this summer
What is your favorite food at camp? Yogurt and granola
What is your favorite camp activity? Water mat and Capture the Flag

The Ghost of Ottawa Cabin By Katie Slajus

One day Katie, Ryann, and Sarah walked into Ottawa cabin to change out of their swimsuits. Their friends Anna and Cassidy were right behind them. They were changing when all of a sudden the fan turned on, they wondered what happened and then Ryann turned it off. A couple minutes later the doorknob rattled like someone was going to come in. Katie looked out the window and saw no one. That night Katie went to sleep with her window closed and Ryann went to sleep with her window open. The next morning Katie window was open and Ryann was closed. It was then they thought of the answer Ottawa Indians haunted their cabin. So if you’re ever in Ottawa be careful. They might haunt you too.

The best
Totally sweet
Way cool
A great cabin

Interview By Katie Slajus

Name: Bert
Favorite food at camp: Waffles with PB and Cinnamon Sugar
Birthday: January 6
Cabin: Chippewa
Favorite Activity: Climbing Wall
Favorite Animal: Eagle
Camp Candy: Twix
Favorite Camp Song: Blowing in the wind
How many years have you been at camp: 5
Favorite Color: Red


Leo- never expect a lot
Lucky Day- 2, 14
Color- Turquoise

Virgo- Listen to your friends advice. Stay away form haircuts. Keep wishing on stars because your wish will come true.
Lucky Days- 1, 22
Color- Purple

Libra- Chill out! Take a shower
Lucky Days- 2, 14, 26
Color- Royal Blue

Scorpio- you will get a letter from an old friend
Lucky days- 11, 20
Color- Dark Green

Sagittarius- stay away from climbing trees
Lucky Days- 19, 23
Color- green

Capricorn- you will be lucky
Lucky days- 1, 13
Color- Sky Blue

Aquarius- you will miss your family
Lucky Days- 21, 23, 31
Color- Yellow

Pisces- you will go on a long vacation
Lucky Days-4, 17
Color- Lime green

Aries- you will make unexpected friends
Lucky Days-7, 30
Color- Lavender

Taurus- you will have good luck in the next week
Lucky Day- 8, 14
Color- Hot pink

Gemini- you will meet a new friend
Lucky Days- 6, 10
Color- Baby Blue

Cancer- you will make a lot of friends
Lucky Days- 14, 16
Color- Teal

Poems by Claire Cebelak

Sticky. Very Icy
A weird X-ray is shown to Dr. Tina
You have a yucky sickness

Clear skies are low today.
A cake is being iced and frosted
Rain begins to elope together

Worm, worm
Likes to squirm and eat
Worms like to wiggle and sleep
Worm doesn’t die of food
Worm you love to squirm

Weird Wonderful smells
Elope and they Icy
And they ring with Desire

Hair is on your head
Ears are on the sides
Ears help you hear
Loud is loud and you are you
The sun is hot

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