Friday, July 20, 2007

Session Four

Session Four has been quite fun. Smaller than some sessions, but still very exciting. We had a game of pirates vs. ninjas, played capture the flag, and award our first ever Apprentice Archer award.

Here is the Pendalouan Press.

" Have YOU seen the monster ? "
By Skylar Nugent
Apparently a 50-foot giant known as the squirrel can transform into a marmot. If you see the monster while hiking to sleepy hollow, finish the hike as fast as you can and run into Chippewa cabin knock on the door and ask for Skylar Nugent if you are a girl. For boys, finish the hike and get back to your cabin as fast as you can. The giant squirrel has been here since Chief Pendalouan died. So keep a keen eye out for the squirrel.

"Interviews about you"
By Harley Tyler

Her favorite thing is canoeing. Her activities are canoeing and archery. Her favorite activity is canoeing. She is in Blackfoot cabin. Her counselors are Jessa and Katie. She has not written to her parents yet.

She is in Blackfoot cabin. She did not write any letters to her parents ye. She is a roper and wrangler, which is horeseback riding. Her favorite person is her sister Harley. She takes showers every morning.

She lives in tent villiage. She is a LIT ( leaders in training ). She likes to swim. She made five new friends. She has never slept in a cabin. She got all the core bands.

She lives in tent villiage. She has made five new friends. She loves arts and crafts. She has slept in a cabin for seven years. She gets bands but hasnt gotten any yet.

" The Four B's "
By Molly Tyler

"Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, Caring". The banner "honesty" is blue as in "true blue". "Responsibility" is green like the earth. "Respect" is yellow as in the golden rule. "Caring" is red like in the heart. These four banners are in everyone and when they feel like it, it can be shown. The banners are in the lodge.

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Anonymous said...

wow! skylar nugent thats my sons name... sorry its a bit strange but i was really surprised! erm.... id just like to say im quite confused on the subject of the "quotes"