Friday, July 27, 2007

Pendalouan Press - Session Five

Session Five has been amazing! We saw the return of Synchronized Swimming, an amazing display of drama, Jory and Or's Blues Band, and many children smiling.

The Summer has gone by very quickly. There are only two sessions left.

The Boat Trip

One day, two kids were walking along at Camp Pendalouan. They had their swim suits on, as they were ready to go boating. Up ahead, the kids saw an island, which was called Lonely Island. The two kids wanted to go to the island and explore it. The campers knew the rules not to go over to Lonely Island unless a Counsler was with them, but they snuck over anyways in a boating area. They knew where everything was as it was their 3rd summer at Camp, So they took out a canoe and left.

The campers paddled along to the middle of the lake when big waves started to sieze them! The canoe started to sway and finally tipped over, sending the campers in the canoe into the freezing water. All of sudden, Chauncy the sea monster that lived in Blue Lake attacked! The campers struggled and struggled, managing to get back into their canoe and go back to shore safely. The campers again never snuck out ever again and all lived happily ever after.

The End.

By Abby Olsen

What do you think the 4 core values mean?

Caring : I think that caring means to be a good friend, because if friends are not caring, how are they even friends?

Honesty : I think honesty is a way of showing he truth to like your friend or someone you care about.

Respect : I think respect means to respect other people and their things, By asking to use their stuff and not using it without asking.

Responsebility : I believe that to be responsebility, is to pick up trash and take care of your things and the earth around you.


Aby Olsen
Morgen Dennison
Katie Blain

Interview with Synchro
Q : What do you do in Synchro?

A : You dance in the water, You do stuff that you might not be able to do on land.

Q ; Why is Synchro important to you?

A : It is important to us because it is a way to express yourself in the water!

Q : How is Synchro good for your body?

A : It is good for you because it gets the blood flowing and helps strengthen muscles.

Morgan Dennison
Katie Blain
Abby Olsen


Aquarius : Your day looks good but beware of the food you eat!

Aries : Your day will start with a bump but it will get better.

Cancer : Your morning will be good..but watch out! The socks may turn on you!

Capricorn : If you think of chicken nuggets...The day seems to shine more.

Gemini : Mash potatos may be the key to making good friends.

Taruas : Stay away from muffins! They will plot against you!

Leo : The color yellow shines bad luck on you,You may be surprised what they do.

Libra ; Beware of PINK bunnies, for good luck will not be what they bring.

Piesis : Basketballs that are yellow, Have planned to give you a horribile scare!

Scoripo :Should you cross a salt n' pepper shaker, The day will be very bad.

Staggigius : Purple butterflies have become your friends, yet tree stumps will cause you grief.

Virgo : The land is your friend but the water is your enemy.


Katie Blain.

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