Friday, July 27, 2007

Pendalouan Press - Session Five

Session Five has been amazing! We saw the return of Synchronized Swimming, an amazing display of drama, Jory and Or's Blues Band, and many children smiling.

The Summer has gone by very quickly. There are only two sessions left.

The Boat Trip

One day, two kids were walking along at Camp Pendalouan. They had their swim suits on, as they were ready to go boating. Up ahead, the kids saw an island, which was called Lonely Island. The two kids wanted to go to the island and explore it. The campers knew the rules not to go over to Lonely Island unless a Counsler was with them, but they snuck over anyways in a boating area. They knew where everything was as it was their 3rd summer at Camp, So they took out a canoe and left.

The campers paddled along to the middle of the lake when big waves started to sieze them! The canoe started to sway and finally tipped over, sending the campers in the canoe into the freezing water. All of sudden, Chauncy the sea monster that lived in Blue Lake attacked! The campers struggled and struggled, managing to get back into their canoe and go back to shore safely. The campers again never snuck out ever again and all lived happily ever after.

The End.

By Abby Olsen

What do you think the 4 core values mean?

Caring : I think that caring means to be a good friend, because if friends are not caring, how are they even friends?

Honesty : I think honesty is a way of showing he truth to like your friend or someone you care about.

Respect : I think respect means to respect other people and their things, By asking to use their stuff and not using it without asking.

Responsebility : I believe that to be responsebility, is to pick up trash and take care of your things and the earth around you.


Aby Olsen
Morgen Dennison
Katie Blain

Interview with Synchro
Q : What do you do in Synchro?

A : You dance in the water, You do stuff that you might not be able to do on land.

Q ; Why is Synchro important to you?

A : It is important to us because it is a way to express yourself in the water!

Q : How is Synchro good for your body?

A : It is good for you because it gets the blood flowing and helps strengthen muscles.

Morgan Dennison
Katie Blain
Abby Olsen


Aquarius : Your day looks good but beware of the food you eat!

Aries : Your day will start with a bump but it will get better.

Cancer : Your morning will be good..but watch out! The socks may turn on you!

Capricorn : If you think of chicken nuggets...The day seems to shine more.

Gemini : Mash potatos may be the key to making good friends.

Taruas : Stay away from muffins! They will plot against you!

Leo : The color yellow shines bad luck on you,You may be surprised what they do.

Libra ; Beware of PINK bunnies, for good luck will not be what they bring.

Piesis : Basketballs that are yellow, Have planned to give you a horribile scare!

Scoripo :Should you cross a salt n' pepper shaker, The day will be very bad.

Staggigius : Purple butterflies have become your friends, yet tree stumps will cause you grief.

Virgo : The land is your friend but the water is your enemy.


Katie Blain.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Session Four

Session Four has been quite fun. Smaller than some sessions, but still very exciting. We had a game of pirates vs. ninjas, played capture the flag, and award our first ever Apprentice Archer award.

Here is the Pendalouan Press.

" Have YOU seen the monster ? "
By Skylar Nugent
Apparently a 50-foot giant known as the squirrel can transform into a marmot. If you see the monster while hiking to sleepy hollow, finish the hike as fast as you can and run into Chippewa cabin knock on the door and ask for Skylar Nugent if you are a girl. For boys, finish the hike and get back to your cabin as fast as you can. The giant squirrel has been here since Chief Pendalouan died. So keep a keen eye out for the squirrel.

"Interviews about you"
By Harley Tyler

Her favorite thing is canoeing. Her activities are canoeing and archery. Her favorite activity is canoeing. She is in Blackfoot cabin. Her counselors are Jessa and Katie. She has not written to her parents yet.

She is in Blackfoot cabin. She did not write any letters to her parents ye. She is a roper and wrangler, which is horeseback riding. Her favorite person is her sister Harley. She takes showers every morning.

She lives in tent villiage. She is a LIT ( leaders in training ). She likes to swim. She made five new friends. She has never slept in a cabin. She got all the core bands.

She lives in tent villiage. She has made five new friends. She loves arts and crafts. She has slept in a cabin for seven years. She gets bands but hasnt gotten any yet.

" The Four B's "
By Molly Tyler

"Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, Caring". The banner "honesty" is blue as in "true blue". "Responsibility" is green like the earth. "Respect" is yellow as in the golden rule. "Caring" is red like in the heart. These four banners are in everyone and when they feel like it, it can be shown. The banners are in the lodge.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Session Three - Pendalouan Press

Session Three has been a phenomenal time. We have seen an amazing Drama skit, excellent camp games, and the first ever Pendalouan Synchronized Swimming Show. We were worried at first as a thunderstorm blew in. But blue skies, along with a double rainbow, arrived just in time for the swimming to begin! Camp certainly felt extra-magical that day.

Here are the Pendalouan Press articles written by our own Campers!

Camp by: Rebecca Waterstradt

In camp you do so much stuff. You can stay for a week or 3 days if your Bug and Bunks. They have boats, swimming, games, 4-square, and more. There are swimming colors, red is shallow, yellow is a little deeper, and green and blue are the deepest. Green and blue are pretty much the same thing but blue gets to swim the lake swim without a life jacket.
The camp food is great. The great bear council ring is nice. The trading post has everything a camper needs. So make sure to stay and make memories at camp!!!!

Interview By: Jessica Serene

Q: What is your Name?
A: Robyn

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Purple

Q: What is your favorite candy?
A: Peanut M&M

Q: What do you think the best age group is?
A: Every age

Q: What is your favorite camp activity?
A: Roasting S’mores

Q: How long have you been at camp?
A: 1 year as a counselor and 10 years as a camper

Interview By: Nick Tobin

Q: Name
A: Or

Q: Where are you from?
A: Israel

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: French Fries, Ice Cream, Pizza, and Barbeques

Q: What is your worst fear?
A: Heights, Monsters, and Aliens

Q: What food do you hate the most?
A: Celery

Interview By: Nick Tobin

Q: Name
A: Tim

Q: Where are you from?
A: Oak Park (Chicago)

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: Pizza, Cheeseburgers

Q: What is your worst fear?
A: Big Trash Piles, Cats

Q: What food do you hate the most?
A: Tomatoes and Mushrooms

Dom’s Favorites by Lauren Orr

Q: What is your favorite camp food?
A: Spaghetti with no sauce and tons of cheese

Q: What is your favorite camp candy?
A: Snickers

Q: How long have you been a lifeguard?
A: 2 years

Q: What is your favorite activity?
A: High ropes and climbing wall

Q: How long have you been at camp?
A: 3 years counselor, 6 years camper

Q: What is your favorite water bottle color?
A: Dark green with a clip and a lot of stickers

Favorite Camp Candy Survey By: Lauren Orr

I asked 20 people what their favorite camp candy was. Here are the Results:

Skittles- 6
Whatchamacallit- 3
Twix- 1
Snickers- 2
M&M- 2
3 Musketeers- 1
Reese’s- 1
Kit Kat- 1
Hershey’s- 3
Butterfingers- 0
Twizzler’s- 0

Talking with Katie By Rebecca Waterstradt

Q: What is your favorite camp Candy?
A: Whatchamacallit

Q: How long have you been working at camp?
A: 1 year

Q: What is your favorite camp food?
A: Chicken Fajitas

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Aqua

Q: What is your favorite activity?
A: Synchronized Swimming

Q: How old are you?
A: Older than dirt

Q: What is your favorite camp game?
A: Capture the Flag

Favorite Dessert By Jessica Serene
S’mores- 4
Cupcake- 1
Choc. Cake- 1
Choc. Chip Cookies- 3
Sugar Cookies- 2
Choc. Chip Cake- 2

By Jessica Serene
What is a mummy’s favorite person?
A: his mummy

By Robyn
What do you get when you cross a cheetah and a hamburger?
A: Fast Food

By Alex
What is a cow with no legs?
A: Ground Beef

By Nick Tobin
What do you get when you cross a fairytale writer and a juicer?
A: Mother Juice

By Nick Tobin
Baby Snake- Mommy, mommy am I poisonous?
Mom Snake- No, Why?
Baby Snake- Because I just bit my tongue

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pendalouan Press - Session Two!

Sorry for this very late Update everyone! Camp has been a whirlwind of activity. Last Week saw the Family Camp and Mother Child Camps - both of which went very well. We are halfway through Sesson Three, and things are going quite smoothly thus far. Everyday, kids are making new friends and learning about the Core Values. Smiles are abundant and genuine.

Without Further chitchat, here is the Pendalouan Press!


By Sabrina Goosen

Camp is fun and exciting
It is so awesome our
Hearts bloom to see
The beautiful
Flowers at
Camp are

By Sophia Stevens and Jessica Springstead

Camp is so
Fun we swim
In the sun
We go to
Turtle bay
That is what
People say
Horseback riding
We go every year
We are on our third
We hope we can go again

By Sophia Stevens

We might sit on a tree
And talk to a bee
Or help some dude
My friend and me
Sit and look and
See the birds
And bees
My friend
And me

Jessa - A Counselor
By Haley Klanke

Jessa is a counselor for Eagle Claw. She is very fun and exciting. In her hometown she has a dog. Her favorite color is purple. She is very bold and has been working at Camp Pendalouan for two years. For activities she does Stupid But Fun and High Ropes. She also loves science. She is a very hard worker and she is AWESOME!

Camp Pendalouan
By Emi Steketee

How was your first day of camp? For me most of the games are very FUN! You sleep in a cabin and you have two counselors. You can sleep on the top or bottom of the bunk bed. You make a lot of friends. Camp is so fun that you never want to leave.

The CITs

By Emi Steketee

The counselors in training (CIT) train to become counselors. Kelly and Matt teach them a lot. They do things that kids do in camp but not everything. This week they created the carnival night on Monday. The CITs also spy on counselors to learn from them how to become better counselors in the future. The CITs live in tents at high beach in an area they call Tent Village. This week Tent Village was under attack by raccoons. Matt even put his elbow in raccoon poo! When asked why the CITs became CITs, most said they enjoy working with kids and they love Camp Pendalouan.

By Ashley Roest

Interview CIT Desi

How was your day?
It has been loads of fun!!!

Do you feel good?
I feeeeel good! Oh I feel so good! Huh!

Are you mad?
Nah! I sometimes get frustrated though

Are you nervous?
Sometimes yes, depending on what we are doing

Do you like camp?
Of course! Camp is a very fun place. I have tons of fun everyday. The CITs always keep active and help out. Kelly and Matt are amazing.

Interview CIT Loyal

How has camp been?
Pretty good so far

Are you sad?
I sometimes get sad

How has your week been?
I spent time with Lenapee and it was cool

Favorite color?
Light purple and light pink

Father and Son
By Sabrina Goosen

Doing my research as a reporter I found out that Grandpa and Matthew are father and son! So I decided to learn more about this father and son pair.

Grandpa’s real name is Stephen and he is 61 years old. He has worked at Camp Pendalouan for three years. Grandpa would rather work in the store than as a counselor because working in the store he gets to see and meet ALL the campers. Grandpa has a twin brother Matt who looks just like his son Matthew. He also has a wife named Tere. Grandpa’s favorite tree is the birch and he loves daisies. When grandpa is not at camp he is a teacher at a university teaching algebra.

Matthew is Camp Pendalouan’s Program Director. This is Matthew’s 4th summer. Matthew loves camp because he has a lot of fun with campers. He also likes working with his dad. Matthew loves to wear hats and his favorite accessory is his watch. Matthew likes soccer, track, and wrestling. Matthew believes playing the guitar is peaceful. His favorite hour of the day at camp is rest hour! Matthew says he has 1,000,006 friends.

By Sophia Stevens

What do you call a sloppy kangaroo?
A sloppy Joe-y

What did the banana say to the other banana?
I’ve gotta split

If a snowman and Dracula get married and have a kid, what would it be named?

Why is Dracula so unpopular?
Because he is a pain in the neck

Which kind of bird is the most crazy?
The cuckoo bird