Monday, April 30, 2007

Three Staff!

Hi, I'm Kelley! This will be my third summer at camp! AND I LOVE CAMP!! I'm super duper excited for this summer and cannot wait to meet everyone! I recently graduated from Alma College. I have a major in Elementary Education with minors in English and Mathematics. I am currently looking for a job as an elementary teacher! I love kids and the outdoors! I am really competative and live for CAPTURE THE FLAG - GO RED!!! YEAH SUMMER '07 - it will be unforgettable!!! :)
(Editor's Note: Kelley will actually be playing Blue team for Capture the Flag this summer...we just haven't told her yet.)

My name's Randall Smith and im very excited to meet everyone. Although this is my first summer at camp I do believe it will be an adventure and a real character building experience. I have been around kids all 19 years of my life and right now I currently teach a sunday school class. I attend Baker College in Muskegon and am majoring in Advertisment, and let me tell ya what its EXCITING ;).

My name is Jessa, and I am a student at Central Michigan University studying Biology. I enjoy camping, volunteering, reading, swimming, singing, dancing, and playing golf with my family. This will be my second summer at Camp Pendalouan, and I couldn't be any more excited! My favorite things about camp are the songs, the teriyaki chicken dinners, the waterfront, and the high ropes course. You'll almost never catch me without a Sharpie, and I absolutely love the color green!

An excellent group of folks! And there's still more to meet. Can you even believe how close summer camp is? Can you feel it in the air? All the counselors are finishing up with school and I am pleased to say that they are all doing quite well at it. Good luck on exams for our college counselors - the future leaders of Pendalouan...and the world!

The May OE season heats up with Arika and Dominique joining us this week and Jen joining next week. Dom and Jen have been introduced Blog-Style, but Arika will be next week. We are very lucky to have these counselors joining us for May. Also joining us this month is Annie. She will be the Health Officer this summer and we will meet her later as well.

This week we moved beds and have gotten the boat dock in. Well, Brandon and Annie got the boat dock in. The rest of us looked up from our activities and said "Wow. That water is really cold!"

A few things to mention: There will be a new cabin going up right across from Kiowa. What will it be called? you ask. If you think of a good name, post a comment at the bottom.

Also: An Open House is coming up for anyone who wants to check camp out. It will be on May 20th from 1-4pm. We also hope to have a few counselors in for a work bee to prep camp for the major summer season. So many kids have signed up for camp, so don't miss out! We've got big big plans for this summer!


Anonymous said...

sorry Matthew, we're keeping Kelley on the red team--the WINNING team! :)

Anonymous said...

My daughter(who is going to camp in the summer) giggles at this tribe name....
Kickapoo. We searched for tribe names in Michigan and that is what we came up with.

I think Shawnee is a good name.

Thanks for publishing the blog. It is helpful for a first time camper to see smiling faces of those who are excited to take care of her! You all are doing an awesome job. :)