Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring Break Escape

Spring Break Day Camp is off and running! Around a hundred kids filled camp today with songs and excitement as we met family groups and counselors. Lunch was sloppy joes. Tomorrow is going to be even better as we will have a chance for choice time. A lot of kids are looking forward to archery and canoeing and we are going to go for it!

Hopefully, we can take a few good pictures to post for you to look at. A lot of the kids may be recognized as summer regulars - always great to see them again!

As mentioned before, I'll be taking time in the blog to introduce some summer staff. Well, here are a couple besides me! I will be letting staff introduce themselves in their own words, because that's the best way to learn about them.


This will be my third summer at Camp Pendalouan. I go to school in Ohio, where I am studying Education and Art and spend numerous hours a week working with children in different settings. I love being outdoors--my favorite activities are backpacking, rock climbing, and whitewater canoing. I lived in Italy for four months last year, LOVE apple crispas at camp, and, most importantly of all, can't WAIT for this summer!!!


This will be my second year at camp, this time as assistant director. I love horse back riding reading, and just being outside. I am in my 4th year at Grand Valley, going for my integrated sciences for elementary education major. I'm from Farmington hills, but live in the Grand Rapids area - moving again in a month... I like ice cream, and nutella, and love love love to sleep. I am involved with Alternative Breaks at Grand Valley (its kinda my life right now) I also like to find out how and why things work (thats the science major in me coming out) and meeting new people!!

So that is Megan and Jen - only a fraction of the Pendalouan Power coming this summer. Be sure to check back later this week for an update on Spring Break Camp and next week to meet some more staff.

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Anonymous said...

If these two are any representation of the rest of the staff, I think it's safe to say we're going to have an amazing summer ;)

No, we really do have SUCH an awesome staff and I can't wait for the rest to be introduced...and for this summer!!