Sunday, April 22, 2007

More Staff and Orchard View

Before we meet the staff, I must tell you about a new website brought to my attention. Camp Ratingz ( which is a site that rates camps. We don't seem to have many ratings just yet, but I'm sure our large number of alumni can take care of that. Right?

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren Biksacky and I will be a super-sweet counselor this summer. I am originally from Muskegon, but attend college at Bowling Green State University in the corn-fields of Ohio. (I miss the sandy shores of Michigan already.) I am majoring in political science, international studies, and pre-law, but have a special place in my heart for
the wilderness and outdoor education. This will be my third summer on staff at Pendalouan, but my 10th summer overall! My favorite camp activities include sailing, kayaking, camp-outs, hikes to Sleepy Hollow, singing camp songs, the ropes course, mud-hikes, and most importantly -- CAPTURE THE FLAG! I anticipate a summer filled with non-stop adventure, and simply cannot wait to see everyone's smiling faces at Pendalouan!

Abby: This will be my 8th summer at camp. I recently moved to Connecticut from Michigan. I love listening to music and watching sports. I want to learn how to bobsled...that's my new goal. I also love the water. When I am not wishing I was back at camp, I'm involved in marching band, and cheerleading. I am in love with Taco Night at camp. There is nothing better! I am counting down days until I get to come back to camp!

Abby was a CIT2 last year, and Lauren is going to be one of our Family Leaders during staff orientation. We are blessed to have them both back at Pendalouan.

Last week, Pendalouan hosted the Orchard View 8th Grade, an event known to camp staff as "Orchard View Week." It as amazing feat, in that the entire eighth grade comes to camp for the week. It is an excellent experience for kids and staff alike. The kids get to do activities they may never do again - canoe the river, play on the high ropes course - and the staff get to help them do it.
It was a very fun week, with memories made, songs sung, and canoes flipped on the river. The kids had a very fun and somewhat wet week. The weather was beautiful throughout, thankfully.

And now we are preparing for the whirlwind of May. Many many school groups will be with us in the coming weeks. We will barely have a chance to catch our breath before Summer Camp. There are less than sixty days to go.

We are excited!

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