Monday, April 16, 2007

Clare and Or

My name is Clare, but I also answer to Kiwi, which gives a hint as to where I'm from - New Zealand. This will be my fifth year at camp, hasn't the time just flown by!?!? I'm the Waterfront Director again this year and love water activities (obviously), reading, being creative and animals. I'm excited this year to return to camp to see some of the kids that were campers when I first started becoming LITs, CITs and even counsellors as well as hopefully meeting lots of new campers this year.

My name is Or, I'm 22 years old. I was born and raised in Israel. This is my first time as a camp counselor, but I have guided kids for many years. I was released from the army a few months ago after serving in the Israeli Air-Force. I like to play basketball, listen to music, play with my dog and, of course, travel.

And that is Or and Clare. Clare, as she said, has been here for a few years in the summertime. She's quite a valuble resource for us. Or is a new staff member, and we are very excited to add another international staff member.

This week at Camp: We are hosting the massive Orchard View Eighth Grade Camp. This is an extremely fun camp. It is quite a bit different from the usual Outdoor Education groups as we don't teach the standard classes - in stead we have an adventure based week. The kids go mountain biking, have a river trip, camp out, and do a lot of fun activities.

OPEN HOUSES: We have two open houses coming up. They are on Sunday, April 29 and Sunday, May 20. Both are from 1-4pm. It is an excellent chance for the whole family to come out and see what camp has to offer. These were very fun last year, and we plan on having just as much fun this year.

We have over three hundred registrations for summer camp, with more coming everyday. It is an excellent sign of an excellent summer. Hope you all have an excellent week.

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