Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Posting Comments

There has been some trouble with posting comments on the blog, so this post is going to direct you through the posting process.

When you click the "Comments" at the bottom of a post, you will be directed to the comments page. It will have a column running down the right hand side where you put what you would like to say (examples: "Camp is awesome," "Pendalouan is the greatest," "Everyone should go to Camp Pendalouan"). Beneath this, you will have the selection of how to identify yourself:

BLOGGER ACCOUNT: Create a Blogger Account.
OTHER: Put your Name and your Website.
ANONYMOUS: Post anonymously.

All options request you to do a simple word verification. This is a technical step to ensure we don't get some sort of robot posting advertisements to the comments section. All comments are then sent to me (Matthew) so I can make sure they are appropriate.

You can request to preview your comment before you post it, or post it right away. An email is sent to me and I will decide it's fate.

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